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Syngas Catalysts

Enhancing performance and profitability in syngas processes

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Syngas (or synthesis gas) catalysts from Clariant are used around the world for cost- and energy-efficient production of ammonia, methanol and hydrogen as well as for fuel cells, gas processing and various gas-to-liquid (GTL), coal-to-liquid (CTL) and biomass-to-liquid (BTL) processes.

As a leading supplier of syngas catalysts and adsorbents, we offer a complete portfolio of solutions for ammonia and methanol synthesis, on purpose hydrogen production, as well as feed purification, Reforming, shift reactions and methanation to name a few. For each of these syngas processes, our innovative catalysts are optimized to enhance the performance, efficiency and profitability of production plants.

Some of our latest syngas innovations include a new generation of reforming catalysts with ultra-low pressure drop, development of a new essentially hexavalent chromium free High Temperature Shift (HTS) catalyst which already fulfills the upcoming REACH regulations and a new generation of methanol synthesis catalyst with an extremely high activity even when operating in low temperatures.

Clariant collaborates with renowned technology partners, such as KBR, Casale, Air Liquide and Technip to ensure our customers receive tailor-made turnkey solutions. We also offer comprehensive service from plant design and construction, to start-up assistance, reformer temperature scans and follow-up maintenance to ensure optimal operating performance.

Process range

  • Ammonia catalysts
    Ammonia catalysts must enable more efficient ammonia synthesis today than ever before. With a growing demand on ammonia for the production of chemical fertilizers, and increasing volatility of feedstock prices and energy resources, ammonia producers need reliable solutions to succeed in this highly competitive market. Clariant’s ammonia catalysts are proven to increase efficiency and productivity while minimizing costs. They offer superior performance to maximize ammonia yields, and allow sustainable management of resources to reduce energy consumption in ammonia production. We offer a complete range of ammonia process catalysts, and support you with comprehensive technical services from plant design or upgrades to ensuring optimal catalyst performance. Clariant collaborates with renowned technology partners, such as KBR and Casale, to provide you with the ideal solution based on your specific requirements.
  • Hydrogen
    Highly efficient catalysts and adsorbents for hydrogen production.
  • Methanol synthesis
    Methanol is an important platform molecule for chemicals and energy.
  • Fuel Cell Catalysts
    High-performance HyProGen® catalysts for all major fuel cell technologies and applications that are based on hydrocarbons (e.g., LPG, Natural Gas), methanol, and ammonia fuels.

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