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Our purpose

Greater chemistry – between people and planet

Why do we exist? This is the central question that every organization and every individual must ask themselves in the face of today's global challenges. This is especially true for a company in the chemical industry. We bear a special responsibility, and we have to ask ourselves what contribution we can make. Why is it good that we exist? And we are convinced that specialty chemistry can be at the forefront of sustainable change. This is what our purpose »Greater chemistry – between people and planet« is all about.

Our four dimensions

Our purpose unites the four most important themes for our company. They shape our actions and thinking, and they sharpen our view on future decisions. In all of these areas we strive for greater chemistry.

Customer focus

We are shaping the future with our customers. Together with our customers, we collaborate for meaningful impact.

Innovative chemistry

We are accelerating innovation. Our innovative chemistry expands what is possible for the benefit of all.

Leading in sustainability

We are leading the transition toward sustainability. Our capabilities position our customers and us at the forefront of a sustainable world.

People engagement

We are building a culture of possibilities. Our shared passion and our engaging and inclusive environment empower everyone to achieve greater outcomes.

» At Clariant, we have the unique opportunity to create a truly meaningful impact. Our innovation power makes it possible that we deliver products that have an outstanding technical performance. And that are also highly sustainable. All of this is captured in our purpose statement. «


Conrad Keijzer, Chief Executive Officer


Greater chemistry in action
Clariant's blog on how the company delivers on its purpose-led strategy.
Integrated Report
In our Integrated Report, we provide information on our progress in the last financial year and on our goals for the future.
Integrated Report
Clariant at a glance
As one of the world’s leading specialty chemical companies, Clariant contributes to value creation with innovative and sustainable solutions for customers from many industries.

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