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We are building a culture of possibilities.

Our values

The world around us constantly confronts us with unexpected challenges and issues and requires us to make difficult decisions. Change is today the only constant, so the saying goes. Against this backdrop, values serve as compass to show us the way and give us orientation. They reflect what we expect from ourselves, what drives us and what sets us apart from our competitors.

Act with integrity

  • Speak up
  • Take ownership of our actions
  • Hold each other accountable
  • Do business with values in mind

Empower and include

  • Trust each other
  • Provide constructive feedback
  • Ensure all voices are heard
  • Celebrate and recognize contributions

Innovate for sustainability

  • Be safe and sustainable in everything we do
  • Base claims on facts
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Strive for meaningful impact

Perform with agility

  • Aim higher
  • Put progress over perfection
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Prioritize and simplify

Win with our customers

At Clariant, we believe in seeing the world through our customers’ eyes. By understanding their perspectives, we can better anticipate their needs and provide exceptional service. We strive to serve our customers as one team, working together to ensure their satisfaction. Our goal is not just short-term success, but rather long-term mutual success. We value building strong relationships with our customers, so we can grow and succeed together.

Real people of Clariant

Talent attraction and development figures (2023)


Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) in 2024


Employee participation rate
in engagement survey 2024


of total employees receive regular performance and career development reviews

1 004

New employees hired (headcount)

7 842

Employees participating in
training (headcount)


Average training hours
per participant

Diversity, equity & inclusion
At Clariant, we want our people to reflect the world’s diversity and aspire to create an equitable and inclusive workplace that engages everyone.
Our purpose
Why do we exist? This is the central question that every organization and every individual must ask themselves in the face of today's global challenges
Our purpose
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Work with us
Work with us and help Clariant become a worldwide leader in sustainable, high value specialty chemicals. Creating a culture of possibilities.
Work with us

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