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Here’s What’s in Your Favorite Face Creams

The common cold cream dates back to the second century, when the Roman-era physician Galen melted beeswax into oil and added water. Galen applied the chemical reaction known as emulsification, dispersing small droplets of oil in water, which continues to be the basis of most face creams and moisturizers today.

All skin creams are emollients, a substance that adds a layer of fat, oil or wax to smooth out and soften the skin’s uppermost layer, the epidermis, which is composed of dead skin cells. But in the centuries since Galen mixed his simple formula chemistry knowledge has vastly increased. Today’s skin creams include additional innovative ingredients that preserve the product’s shelf life, provide anti-aging benefits, improve the consistency of the product and add fragrance. As awareness grows about harmful substances in some personal care products today, chemists are finding novel ways to use organic and natural ingredients in skin creams that prove to be better for the body and the environment.

Read on to learn what’s in your face cream:

Clariant's Innovative Active Ingredients for Personal Care Products Like Lotions and Creams

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    Eosidin is a powerful ingredient tackling skin immunomodulationto to soothe sensitive skin and help relieve from atopic-prone skin condition. This natural active ingredient is extracted from green citrus unshiu originated from Jeju island in Korea, a UNESCO heritage protected island. These unripe fruits are normally discarded to promote the growth of remaining fruits. But unripe Citrus unshiu is rich in synephrine and hesperidin, highly potent molecules that play a major role in regulating the eotaxin synthesis process, responsible for histamine release. So Clariant upcycled them into a strong soothing active ingredient. Eosidin won 3 prizes from the cosmetics industry, recognizing its innovative mechanism of action and responsible sourcing: Silver prize at the Itehpec Innovation Award at in-cosmetics 2017. Winner at Sustainable Beauty Awards 2018 in the category "Sustainable Ingredient " Winner in the category "anti-pollution" at the Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2019 - Personal Care Industry. Learn more To discover our other active ingredients, visit our homepage Clariant Active Ingredients.

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