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Significant safety improvement achieved in 2023


Delivering on Clariant's purpose »Greater chemistry - between people and planet.«
This story is an example of how Clariant delivers on its purpose-led strategy.

Every single work-related accident is one too many. This is why across the entire Clariant organization, ensuring the highest safety standards is a top priority. The significant safety improvement we achieved in 2023 is a testament to this.

DART cases reduced by nearly 45%

Most significantly, in 2023 we achieved a reduction of DART cases from 47 to 26, i.e., by nearly 45%. DART cases encompass both lost time accidents (=when someone cannot work at all for a certain time) and restricted work (=when someone can't do their normal job but can temporarily take on a different role).

In parallel, the amount of total lost workdays greatly decreased from 587 in 2022 to 312 in 2023, which reflects a reduction of the severity of the incidents as well.

»Ensuring a safe workplace is the cornerstone of our daily operations,« says Clariant CEO Conrad Keijzer. »Our commitment is clear – every colleague who walks through the doors of our company should return home as healthy as they arrived in the morning. I’m pleased to see that in 2023, we achieved improved safety results. This is thanks to everybody’s shared commitment to safety. As we step into the new year, I encourage everyone to keep prioritizing the strongest safety culture across our entire organization.«

Celebrating the winners of the Clariant Safety Awards 2023

In December 2023, Clariant honored two exceptional sites that have exemplified excellence in safety practices, each in its unique way.

The Platinum Award was given to the Heufeld site for its unwavering commitment to safety, showcasing the essence of long-term success. Heufeld has consistently set the benchmark for safety standards, fostering a culture where every employee prioritizes and actively contributes to creating a secure working environment.

This recognition is a testament to Heufeld's enduring dedication to safety, reflecting not just a momentary achievement but a sustained commitment that has become integral to the site's identity.
Clariant's Heufeld site won the Platinum Award 2023.
In a transformative journey, the Maipu site in Chile was presented with the Phoenix Award, symbolizing resilience and positive change. Recognized for substantial improvements in safety performance, Maipu's dedication to learning, adapting, and implementing changes has not only elevated safety measures but also exemplifies a commitment to continuous improvement.

The achievement is credited to the dedicated teamwork and expertise of the ESHA team. Their pivotal role in reshaping safety performance through robust measures and a culture of accountability, supported by top management, resulted in significant advancements. Open communication and regular training programs elevated workforce competence and awareness, fostering a collective responsibility for safety.
Clariant's Maipu site received the Phoenix Award 2023.

Anchoring safety programs and culture

When evaluating safety performance, the DART rate is a so-called lagging indicator. This means that the incident has already occurred, and companies can only learn from it retrospectively.

Clariant’s daily commitment to safety is reflected by so-called leading indicators, which have also progressed considerably. For instance, Clariant published 20 times more Safety Learnings in an effort to foster a greater safety awareness across the organization. Additionally, 50% more safety deviations were reported in 2023, which reflect everybody’s commitment to systematically report and address unsafe situations and near misses.

We are committed to further strengthening our safety programs and associated leading indicators. Ultimately, it is pro-active measures such as these that will prevent potential incidents from happening.

»Our commitment is clear – every colleague who walks through the doors of our company should return home as healthy as they arrived in the morning.«

Conrad Keijzer, Chief Executive Officer of Clariant

Safety is teamwork

Clariant CEO Conrad Keijzer concludes: »With all the great accomplishments achieved this past year, we need to further work on improving and strengthening our risk assessments and safety processes. We cannot forget that we are working in an industrial environment, with inherently hazardous materials and processes as well as heavy equipment, where accidents can have tragic consequences.

»We were painfully reminded of this late last year, in an accident of a contractor for one of our joint ventures, where a worker was fatally injured during the transportation of a heavy piece of equipment. While the root cause investigation is still ongoing, I want to emphasize that we need to look out for each other and keep each other safe by not compromising on safety and speaking up if we see unsafe situations or behaviors. Such behavior is core to our purpose ›Greater chemistry – between people and planet,‹ and ultimately keeps everyone safe.«

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