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Zinc Borate Will Be Classified as a Category 2 Reproductive Toxicant According to the Global Harmonized System for Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (CLP)

We would like to inform you about a change that is related to the product classification of our products Exolit OP 1312 and Exolit OP 1314. This change follows from a change in the classification of zinc borate which is contained as a minor component in our products.

New studies were conducted on zinc borate in the course of the evaluations under the EU REACH regulation process. These tests have shown adverse developmental and reproductive effects in animals. Clariant has been informed that as a result of these studies zinc borate has to be classified as a Category 2 Reproductive Toxicant according to the Global Harmonized System for Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (CLP). In addition, the long term aquatic toxicity of zinc borate was reviewed and re-classified by our supplier.

This will lead to the following changes in our safety data sheets:

February 2015:

  • For the hazardous ingredient zinc borate, the Category 2 Reproductive Toxicant classification is presented. Until June, 1st 2015 the old classification and labelling regulation [67/548/EEC] for mixtures can still be applied. According to this directive within the safety data sheet under section 2.1. the classification of the mixture according to the old and new regulation and under section 3.2 the composition and information on ingredients is given. In section 8.1 the DNEL values for zinc borate are given.
  • Changes in aquatic toxicity rating are reflected: Label element R52/53 will appear in section 2.2. This chronic aquatic toxicity will also appear on the label.

June 2015:

  • Exolit OP 1312 will be labelled as Category 2 Reproductive Toxicant.
  • The Classification and Labelling regulation for mixtures [EC 1272/2008] has to be implemented by June, 1st 2015. As our preparations Exolit OP 1312 and Exolit OP 1314 contain slightly more than the threshold of 3%, the new product labels and safety data sheets will then contain this hazard pictogram and hazard statement, too. Preparations, e.g. plastic compounds, containing less than 3 % zinc borate do not need any new labelling due to the new classification.

Considering the new data, we have not changed our general recommendations for safe handling, shipment and storage of Exolit OP 1312 and Exolit OP 1314. However, we recommend you to check whether this change requires additional measures at your specific workplaces.

In anticipation of regulatory developments, Clariant has been evaluating and developing zinc borate free Exolit alternatives. However, these may not be drop-in replacements and/ or of limited commercial availability. Please contact our key account manager Elmar Schmitt, if you would like to learn more about accessible options.

The corresponding modified MSDS has been sent out in the meantime to all customers having purchased these products during the last 12 months.

We hope, this information is helpful to you - in case of any questions please contact us via the contact box.

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