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Clariant Oil Services Outperforms Incumbent and Enhances Production by More Than 200%


  • More efficient chemistries available from Clariant Oil Services than the incumbent supplier
  • Enhanced production by more than 200% through careful batch treatment design and application
  • Optimized chemical delivery strategy with close attention to detail and service-driven approach 


A gas well in Northern Alberta had been treated for deliquification for at least two years prior to the operator inviting Clariant Oil Services on the lease to evaluate the current well enhancement program. No continuous injection treatment equipment was present in the well, and the operator was not able to install this equipment due to CAPEX constraints. Therefore, the well was being batch treated with some success; enhanced to produce just under 5 e3m3 (177.5 Mscfd).

Clariant Oil Services Solutions and Value Delivered

Clariant Oil Services was able to boost production the previous spring to approximately 10 e3m3 (354.9 Mscfd), almost doubling the incumbent supplier’s enhanced rate; however, additional issues made it unclear to the operator if the increase was solely due to the program implemented by Clariant Oil Services.

As a result, the well was left as-is for several months until Clariant Oil Services was invited back into the lease to perform a re-evaluation of the well. A batch treatment of 20 litres of WellBoost™ 131, a high activity foaming product combined with aromatic solvents, was applied down the well casing during normal production. Immediately the production rate grew to 10 e3m3 (354.9 Mscfd) and climbed to 14 e3m3 (496.9 Mscfd) after a short time. The operator immediately changed the well’s treatment program to WellBoost 131, and Clariant Oil Services has been successfully treating this well ever since.

Clariant Oil Services’ drive for improvement and meticulous service provision delivered great value to the operator of this well, as well as enhanced production over that of the incumbent chemical supplier by more than 200%.


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™ Trademark application filed in many countries by Clariant

* Previously sold as SOLVTREAT® 8558


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