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FLOTREAT DF 12874 Eliminates Asphaltene Deposit on Topside Choke


  • Eliminated asphaltene deposits on the topside choke
  • Decreased differential pressure by 1000 psi
  • Stablized asphaltenes at half the incumbent’s injection rate


A producer in the Gulf of Mexico, operating a 10-mile subsea tieback (SSTB), was using an asphaltene inhibitor that was ineffective against the severe asphaltene precipitation that the flowline was experiencing. Even at very high dose rates, solid asphaltenes were still precipitating out in the flowline causing the differential pressure to build to dangerous levels. In just six days, a 1000 psi increase in flowline differential pressure had occurred.

Additionally, evidence of solid asphaltenes were present in the topside choke. In order to get the choke to function properly, the producer was required to shut-in the well, disassemble the topside choke and remove the asphaltene accumulation.

Clariant Oil Services Solutions and Value Delivered

To help treat the asphaltene issues on the SSTB, Clariant Oil Services recommended the continuous downhole injection of its asphaltene inhibitor FLOTREAT DF 12874. Subsequent field tests indicated that the asphaltenes had stabilized after FLOTREAT DF 12874 was injected into the SSTB, and at half the incumbent’s injection rate.

Furthermore, the differential pressure fell by 1000 psi, indicating FLOTREAT DF 12874 had dissolved the partial asphaltene subsea flowline plug. Results can be seen in Graph 1 below.

Graph 1: Subsea Flowline Differential Pressure


Asphaltene-coated choke with incumbent asphaltene inhibitor.


Clean choke after the application of FLOTREAT DF 12874


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