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FLOTREAT DR 1512 Drag Reducer Increases Oil Production by 21%


  • Increased oil production from 50,292 BOPD to 60,784 BOPD
  • Gained $1,000,000 / day of additional production profit
  • Improved the shipping rate by maintaining the flow rate to the maximum plant handling capacity of 60,000 BOPD


An Asian field was being constrained by excessive pump pressure from an in-field pipeline to the midstream host facility. Clariant Oil Services performed an injection optimization using FLOTREAT DR 1512, an oil-soluble drag reducer. The objective was to determine the optimal injection rate required to allow increased oil production up to the maximum plant handling capacity of 60,000 BOPD.

Innovation and Value Delivered

Intensive monitoring was performed on the pump injection pressure and crude oil production rates in order to ensure a safe, reliable and sustainable operation. After two days of systematic optimization, FLOTREAT DR 1512, injected at 40 ppm, increased oil production from 50,292 BOPD to 60,974 BOPD – while also maintaining pump pressure to within acceptable operational limits.

An increase of 21% can be seen in the graph below.

FLOTREAT DR 1512 allowed oil production to be increased by approximately 10,000 BOPD.



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