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Boosting Performance in the Bulk-Slurry Process with Phthalate-Free Catalysts EMEA

Join us for the next online session of our Polypropylene Catalyst Webinar Series: 

Boosting Performance in the Bulk-Slurry Process with Phthalate-Free Catalysts – a unique opportunity to explore current innovations in PP catalysts and technologies. 

In this free online event, experts from Clariant Catalysts will talk about:

  • New innovations in phthalate-free and aromatic-free catalysts to help you drive safety, reduce consumption, and improve performance
  • A commercial case study in the bulk-slurry process demonstrating significantly higher activity and smooth operations
  • Improved PP mechanical properties such as flexural modulus and elongation
  • You will also have the opportunity ask questions during a live Q&A session with our panel of experts


Welcome & Introduction

Robert Marx, Project Director Polypropylene Clariant Catalysts

Introduction to Clariant's Phthalate-free Catalysts: PolyMax 600 series

Felicitas Cokoja, Product Manager Polyolefins Clariant Catalysts

The PolyMax 600 series in Commercial Bulk-Slurry PP Operation

Lenka Richter Lukesova, Technology Advisor Polyolefins Clariant Catalysts

Case Study: Customer Experience with Clariant's PolyMax 600 series

Dwijendhar Venkat, Senior Applied Catalyst Tech Engineer Clariant Catalysts

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