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Managing Hydrate Risk for Deepwater Oil Production Today

Deepwater oil production can be very challenging for many reasons, as can be addressing the risks associated with hydrates. When each are considered together, the list of challenges grows, and all must be managed and accounted for in order to reduce these risks and ensure effective management. 

Join our webinar for an in-depth understanding of how to mitigate your hydrate risk utilizing Clariant’s best-in-class Low Dose Hydrate Inhibitor technology, specifically that of Anti-Agglomerates. We’ll present two successful treatments that we hope can be relatable to your application.

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Dr. Scot Bodnar

Global Innovation Manager, Hydrates Clariant Oil Services

Scot Bodnar is the Global Innovation Manager for Hydrates at Clariant. He received his PhD from North Carolina State University and has 19 years of experience in production chemical R&D. He is responsible for innovation efforts to improve the hydrate treatment product line as well as business support.

Dr. Zachary Ward

Senior Application Scientist, Clariant Oil Services

Zachary Ward is the Senior Application Scientist at Clariant, with a focus on technical support for Deepwater operations in the Gulf of Mexico. He is responsible for coordinating technical projects related to flow assurance topics including Hydrates, Paraffins, Asphaltenes, Scale and Corrosion as well as overseeing quality control for umbilical certified chemicals. 

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