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2022 AOCS Annual Meeting & Exhibit

We are excited to attend the AOCS Annual Meeting and Expo, May 1-4, in Atlanta, Georgia at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. We are honoured to be part of this community of scientists, technicians, researchers, and other industry professionals concentrated on the science and technology of edible oils, fats, proteins, surfactants, and related materials.

During the three-day conference, the Clariant Functional Minerals team is looking forward to discussing your oil purification challenges for edible oils and biodiesel and renewable diesel fuels.

Be sure to stop by booth 211 for live adsorbent deomonstrations throughout the morning and afternoon networking breaks. We can't wait to see you and answer your questions!


Booth 211

Atlanta, Georgia, United States


  • Oil Purification
    TONSIL® bleaching clays for efficient purification.
  • Refining Edible Oils
    Our TONSIL® range of bleaching earth or clay is based on over a century of experience in refining edible oils and fats. Today, Clariant remains a truly global player and thought leader for edible oil purification.
  • Renewable Fuel Purification
    For optimum biofuel refining, our premium highly active adsorbents and catalysts are customized to process almost any feedstock (HVO, FAME, UCO, POME) including impurity removal