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Clariant delivers high-performance and sustainable “mood fix” solutions at PCHi 2024

Clariant delivers high-performance and sustainable "mood fix" solutions at PCHi 2024.
  • Clariant to showcase sustainable and powerful personal care ingredients at PCHi on 20-22 March 2024, at Booth 1C38 in Hall 1 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center
  • Newly launched Aristoflex® Eco T, a fully biodegradable high performance rheology modifier with an exceptionally high renewable carbon content in its class
  • Rootness® Mood+ active ingredient mimicking benefits of natural light to radiate skin and enhance mood
  • GlucoTain® Flex/Clear, new sulfate- and CAPB-free sugar surfactants providing creamy, nourishing foams ideal for ultra-mild and high foam hair and skin care

SHANGHAI, March 13, 2024 - Clariant, a global-leading personal care ingredient provider, will attend the Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients (PCHi) exhibition to be staged on 20-22 March 2024 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Conventional Center. A complete portfolio covering a host of high-performance and sustainable new ingredients dedicated to the specific needs of the skin, body and hair of consumers in China will be showcased during the three-day exhibition.

While the beauty care market in China has undoubtedly been one of the fastest growing around the world today, its breadth has also undergone considerable development and variations. One clear emerging need from the consumers in China is to help achieve a new dimension of emotional beauty lying within the individuals who often need to get through the various challenges associated with a stressful modern living today. At PCHi 2024, Clariant will highlight how its products are able to achieve the new balance through different solutions for fixing problems caused by pressure and to radiate the beauty of the hair, the skin, as well as the mind.

“Simply satisfying the physical needs of the body no longer captures the entire market demand in the full spectrum of the Chinese personal care market today. That’s why we are going to highlight at PCHi how our different natural ingredients are in fact capable of also boosting the emotional well-being through benefits brought to our skin and hair,” said Catherine Breffa, Clariant’s Head of Marketing for Personal & Home Care.

Novel sensory & texture with Clariant’s latest innovation

Clariant will spotlight its latest advancements including Aristoflex Eco T, a patented, renewable rheology modifier offering strong sustainability. Made from Tara Gum and AMPS, this biodegradable ingredient provides excellent texture and viscosity control across formulations while stabilizing emulsions. Recognized for its green profile and sensory properties, Aristoflex Eco T allows for indulgent body butters and refreshing serums. Customers can sample this novel rheology modifier and experience the stabilizing and thickening performance firsthand to see and feel Clariant’s newest contribution to clean beauty.

Active ingredients promote skin and hair health

Targeting stress for skin and hair, Clariant spotlights natural-origin actives Beraca CBA and Rootness Mood+. Beraca CBA activates the skin’s endocannabinoid system, stimulating CB2 receptors for a calming effect. By modulating irritation mediators and rebalancing microbiota, redness and sensitivity are reduced. Rootness Mood+ kickstarts vitamin D pathways and photoreceptors to revive dull skin. This innovative active reproduces the benefits of light exposure, boosting feel-good hormones serotonin and melatonin to lift mood. With these advanced actives working at the cellular level, Clariant enables products that counter stresses and support skin health and wellbeing.

Care for hair and skin with ultra-mild, foaming surfactants

Clariant will showcase GlucoTain Flex and Clear, a new generation of sugar-based surfactants that gently cleanse with creamy, nourishing foam. GlucoTain Flex provides medium sized bubbles and mild foaming while GlucoTain Clear offers abundant, fluffy foam for formulations where high levels of long-lasting foam is desired like bubble baths. The GlucoTain technology allows for versatile, sulfate- and CAPB-free cleansers are ideal for anti-aging, volumizing and color-protecting hair care as well as mild shower gels and soaps. With inherent mildness, GlucoTain enables effective cleansing without irritation.

In addition, Clariant will showcase other sustainable innovations including high-performance UV filters, naturally derived oils and emulsifiers, and next-generation preservatives with efficacy and gentleness. Alongside spotlighted actives that counter stress, these exhibits emphasize Clariant’s extensive capabilities for creating effective and responsible beauty and personal care products.

“Our team at Clariant are really excited to show our customers at the PCHi the line-up of personal care ingredients that not only target on the traditional aspects of physical beauty, but also take on new grounds to achieve emotional beauty as well. I’m confident that these highly sustainable and proven solutions will be able to tap into new demand for high performance sustainable ingredients in the beauty market,” said Michael Haspel, Clariant’s Head of Personal & Home Care.

Clariant will exhibit at booth 1C38 at Hall 1 during PCHi 2024 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Conventional Center, where the technology and commercial team will be on hand to give full product highlights, demonstrations and answer any questions.

To view the complete details of Clariant’s sustainable solutions, please visit the website


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