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Clariant introduces new solutions to reduce the environmental impact of plastics at Chinaplas 2024

Clariant introduces AddWorks PPA, a PFAS-free processing aid compositions for polyolefin film extr...
  • Clariant is launching AddWorks® PPA, a perfluoralkyl substances (PFAS)-free polymer processing aid line
  • Licocare® RBW Vita 560 and 360 – the newest additions to Clariant’s range of high-performing additives for applications in the electronics and electric (E&E) industries

SHANGHAI, April 23, 2024 - Clariant is excited to present the company’s latest solutions to support the plastics industry to improve safety and efficiency, increase circularity, and reduce waste at Chinaplas 2024, happening now in Shanghai, China.

“Since K 2022 our experts have been developing industry-leading products that minimize the impact on human health and the environment while maintaining or exceeding performance expectations,” commented Miao Zhigang, Head of Clariant’s Polymer Solutions business.

“We are very pleased to be unveiling our new AddWorks PPA, our PFAS-free Additives line at Chinaplas 2024.”

Clariant introduces AddWorks PPA, a PFAS-free polymer processing aid compositions for polyolefin film extrusion.

At Chinaplas 2024, Clariant is launching its new AddWorks PPA product range for customers in the polyolefin film extrusion market.

The new AddWorks PPA polymer additive range features smooth and stable processability, while also ensuring the highest possible optical film qualities (haze, gloss, clarity) by eliminating sharkskin and dye build-up effects. The film tensile, mechanical, and sealing properties are unaffected by the new compositions and the solutions exhibit high thermal stability and low or no migration, as well as low let down ratios (LDRs) ensuring competitive cost-in-use.

“Our teams have developed these solutions to be fully compliant with tightening PFAS regulations, while also combining high production line efficiency and film qualities,” commented Miao Zhigang, Head of Clariant’s Polymer Solutions business.

Clariant has developed the AddWorks PPA product line in response to increased concerns about the persistence of PFAS in the environment and the implications for human health. These new products contain no inorganic content nor silicone components and preserve high performance.

Clariant plans to launch the AddWorks PPA in spring 2024 in all regions.

Clariant launches bio-based additives Licocare RBW Vita 560 and 360 for sustainable plastics evolution.

Clariant is also pleased to bring two new Licocare RBW Vita products to the Chinese market.

Licocare RBW Vita 560 is the newest addition to Clariant’s range of high-performing additives based on crude rice bran wax, a renewable, non-food-competing feedstock. Expert teams at Clariant have designed this bio-based wax particularly for formulators of polyester compounds for use in the electronics and electric (E&E) industries.

Licocare RBW Vita 560 reduces cycle times and facilitates easier processing of injection-molded polyester compounds. By promoting easier mold release, the surface quality is improved and there is a reduced risk of short shots, rejects, and polyester parts sticking to the mold. This in turn makes it possible to produce more parts per machine hour and reduce overall energy consumption.

The second product launch, Licocare RBW Vita 360, is a multifunctional additive designed especially for polyamides. Application tests by Clariant in Polyamide 6.6 showed that this product reduced cycle times by -71% per molded part when added to the neat polymer.

Both Licocare RBW Vita 560 and 360 offer greater efficiency through a combination of lubrication and nucleation in engineering plastics. These products have low volatility and high thermal and color stability. Licocare RBW Vita 560 also withstands higher processing temperatures compared to conventional products and shows more effective performance at low dosages.

In addition, the Vita product line has a Renewable Carbon Index (RCI) of at least 98%, enabling lower carbon footprints than state-of-the-art alternatives.

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Join us on our journey towards Greater Chemistry balancing efficiency and sustainability practices. Come meet our experts at the National Exhibition and Convention Center Hongqiao Hall 8.2, Booth F32. To view the complete details of Clariant’s offering at the conference, please visit the Chinaplas 2024 (


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