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Activating ageless beauty


CycloRetin is a new natural alternative to retinol. Titrated in heterophyllin B, a cyclic peptide extracted from Pseudostellaria heterophylla (the Prince ginseng), it optimizes the use of retinol naturally present in the skin, to reactivate fibroblast biological functions and thus boosting the expression of genes implied in collagen and elastin synthesis. CycloRetin also improves the organization of collagen and elastic fibers, to reinforce the skin structure. Thanks to this mode of action, it is not necessary to overload the skin with retinol, to avoid irritation reactions. In addition, CycloRetin reinforces the epidermis structure by activating genes implied in barrier function, for a wider effect than what can be achieved with retinol. As a result, skin sagging is reduced, and skin firmness and luminosity are increased. 

Being China compliant and water soluble, CycloRetin can easily be used by formulators to offer new well-aging solutions for customers all over the world.

For this innovative mode of action and its efficacy, CycloRetin was awarded the silver prize at the BSB Innovation Awards in 2024.

To learn more on the product, visit the dedicated webpage CycloRetin. And to discover our other active ingredients or our ingredients from natural origins, visit our webpage Natural Actives and Natural Origins.


Appearance of wrinkles:

  • -5.1% after D14
  • -7.1% after D28
  • As efficient as retinol


Skin firmness:

  • +12.6% after D28
  • +19% after D56
  • As efficient as bakuchiol



  • 9.5 times more efficient than placebo
  • As efficient as bakuchiol



  • -10.7% after D28
  • 1.4 time higher than bakuchiol



Product details
Chemical Name
  • Glycerin (and) Water (and) Pseudostellaria Heterophylla Extract
Chemical Type
  • Advanced plant extract
Performance Claims
  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Anti-aging
  • China / IECIC listed
  • NMPA registered
  • Cosmos approved
  • Natrue approved
  • 100% Renewable Carbon Index
  • ISO 16125 Natural Origin Content = 1 

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