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Powered by nature.
Advanced with science.

Active Ingredients

Nature inspires us to develop new active ingredients to lead the trends of the cosmetic industry. Based on advanced scientific technologies, we offer innovative and sustainable solutions. The efficacy of our active ingredients and trend-based cosmetic formulation concepts have already been saluted by the industry that awarded them more than a dozen prestigious awards. Discover how the science behind our products made this possible.

Learn more about our Actives and Natural Origins or discover our related portfolio Natural Origins for efficient skin and hair care.

Discover our solutions that fit your needs:

Natural Actives

Our natural active ingredients are obtained from plants. Their activities have been deeply tested by our R&D teams through in-vitro, ex-vivo and clinical tests.

Vectorized Actives

Discover the Vitispheres encapsulation system, a patented system that allows controlled delivery of active molecules for greater bioavailability while ensuring their stability over time in formulations.

Synthetic Actives


Through our Actience range, we offer powerful molecules with high level of purity to create efficient formulations.

Highlights: our Sc[ai]turalist formulation concepts

Every year, we create a new formulation concept based on beauty trends to highlight our latest launched active ingredients. These concepts have already all been awarded prizes for their creativity and originality. (Re)discover them and the associated actives embedded to find inspiration.

  • Explorer Amazon Rainforest
    "Be the explorer" is a new concept created by Clariant to introduce the origin and environment from which its natural ingredients are sourced. The reader is sent to a journey to secret plants and natural treasures that can be an inspiration source for new personal care formulations. The first part of this concept is dedicated to the Amazon biome and Belém do Pará region.
  • The Joyologist
    To provide well-being to the skin and the mind, Clariant developed "The Joyologist" concept, with two formulations fueled with active ingredients that boosts the release of well-being molecules, packed in a relaxation kit.
  • Beauty Wizard
    Discover Clariant's new formulations inspired by ancient wisdom and tradition. Fueled with innovative natural active ingredients that supports the skin and hair against all types of stress.

Active Ingredients for new cosmetic trends

We regularly analyze the beauty trends in the market to propose the active ingredients that would best fit with these trends. Dive into them to find the right active for your formulations based on consumers' expectations and needs.

  • Upcycled ingredients
    Upcycling involves adding value to something that would otherwise have been thrown away, and contributes to the Zero Waste trend. In a desire to reduce its environmental impact, Clariant offers several active ingredients sourced from upcycling process.
  • Superfood-origin
    Inspired by plants with superfood origin, we created active ingredients with powerful actions to reinforce skin and improve its condition.
  • Solid cosmetics
    Solid cosmetics respond to four recent beauty movements: clean beauty, waterless beauty, nomadism and zero-waste. Discover our active ingredients compatible with solid cosmetics formulations, for hair care, skin care, and color cosmetics.
  • Well-aging
    Instead of fighting against aging by using products with traditional anti-aging claims, customers are now instead embracing their years. Discover active ingredients that can support wellness through well-aging solutions.
  • Minimalist beauty
    Reducing the number of cosmetic products used to save money, time, and the planet is a new beauty trend. Discover our active ingredients for 3 skin care products with a maximal efficacy.
  • Hormonal aging
    At menopause, hormonal changes strongly impact the quality of skin and hair and accelerate aging. Discover how our active ingredients can support skin and hair to improve women's well-being in this sensitive period.
  • Space Beauty
    Space research lead to new discoveries on the biology of the skin, that can be inspiring for the development of new formulations based on active ingredients that can protect the skin from harsh environments.

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