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Activating ageless beauty with an age-old medicinal ingredient
Corsets, bodices and padding frames, symbols of beauty past, are tucked away in the drawers of history and today, fashion adapts to the body's curves, embracing without squeezing.
The value of transparency across the entire value chain
We appreciate companies that are reliable - it's good to know the products we use are safe and made with care. At Clariant, we think transparency fosters trust. When customers truly know our products and how we make them, they can confidently choose sustainable solutions.
The journey of acai from the jewel of the earth to a superstar cosmetic ingredient
Açaí berries contain abundant antioxidants which make them a powerful natural ingredient in high-performing and sustainable cosmetics, central to many oils, actives and scrubs developed by Clariant’s Personal Care Specialties company, Beraca.
Significant safety improvement achieved in 2023
Every single work-related accident is one too many. This is why across the entire Clariant organization, ensuring the highest safety standards is a top priority. The significant safety improvement we achieved in 2023 is a testament to this.
Meet Lars Henkes
From intern to chemical lab technician – this is the path that nature lover and science enthusiast Lars Henkes has taken at Clariant.
Sustainability Shift – Episode 5: Green methanol
Welcome to Sustainability Shift, the Clariant Podcast. In this fifth episode, three industry experts will explore the opportunities and challenges in scaling up green methanol and the necessity for collaboration across industries and the entire value chain.
Greater chemistry in action: A new formula and more of what matters to us
We relaunched our corporate blog with improved navigation and different formats to showcase how Clariant delivers on its purpose. Find out what is new and what to expect.
Balancing energy security and sustainable solutions in the oil and gas industry
How sustainable developments in the oilfield are supporting current energy needs.
Talking e-mobility: How to make electric vehicles safer and more sustainable in the future
In this video interview Antonio Nerone, Electrical and Electronic Market Manager at RadiciGroup, shared his expert knowledge on the future of e-mobility and the role of advanced materials with Clariant’s Laurentiu Pestritu.
Sustainability Shift – Episode 4: E-fuels
Welcome to Sustainability Shift, the Clariant Podcast. In this fourth episode, two industry experts will delve into the opportunities and challenges of innovations to scale up electric fuels.
Starting into a PTFE-free future – with a new texturing agent for powder coatings
Clariant is committed to bringing solutions to market that improve the overall health and well-being of society. In line with that commitment, Clariant has developed Ceridust 8170 M; a PTFE-free alternative texturing agent for powder coatings that delivers performance without the negative aspects of PTFE.
Sustainability Shift – Episode 3: Cosmetic ingredients
Welcome to Sustainability Shift, the Clariant Podcast. In this third episode, we'll hear from three experts discussing the opportunities and challenges related to the sustainability shift in the cosmetics industry.

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