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Food, beverage and edible oil

Welcome to the world of food, beverage and edible oils. Innovative solutions are catering to the needs of food, beverage, and edible oil processing, with a range of services and products for the industry designed to ensure high-quality end products. Relevant products include heat transfer fluids that ensure optimal production temperatures, as well as packaging and cargo solutions that guarantee safe and efficient transportation. Edible oil purification ensures that the highest quality oils are obtained. It is important to navigate the complexities of the industry, so you can focus on delivering delicious and healthy food products to your customers.

Blog - Greater chemistry in action

Corporate Sustainability
Going full circle — Circular Economy
At Clariant we are committed to supporting the vision of a more circular economy through sustainable and innovative chemistry
Going full circle — Circular Economy
did you know?
Our own vision of climate neutrality
We take our role in preventing this scenario seriously. Thus we developped the vision to become climate neutral by 2050


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