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Our solutions for non-woven bonding -
interweaving strength and
sustainability in non-woven assembly

Polyolefins for non-woven adhesives, filter adhesives and many other hot melt applications

Hot melt adhesives are not just a hot solution for woven fabrics but also bring clean, fast and economical bonding to the manufacture and assembly of non-woven products. For applications ranging from hygiene articles to filters and cleaning products, our Licocene® polymers provide best-in-class bonding performance that can be combined with reduced carbon footprints by using our renewable-based Licocene® Terra grades.

Watch how we innovate to improve hot melt bonding

With renewable-based solutions like our Licocene® Terra products, we take sustainable innovation in hot-melt adhesive bonding to the next level.

Easily sprayable adhesives that add less VOCs, weight and fossil carbon to products

Our Licocene® solutions can be used as high-performing hot melt components or stand-alone, 100% polymer adhesives in a wide variety of non-woven applications. Thanks to the narrow molecular weight distribution made possible by our cutting-edge metallocene-based production technology, they combine excellent sprayability with consumer-friendly low-VOC emission profiles.

Our PP- and/or PE-based Licocene® polymers are made from monomers that can be substituted with renewable-based versions to reduce the carbon footprint of products. The combination of low viscosity and high cohesive strength that our solutions stand out for also have the benefit of making products lighter by adding less weight during bonding and assembly.

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Three good reasons for choosing Clariant
key benefits of our Licocene® solutions


Clean and safe polyolefin solutions based on C2 and C3 monomers


Large, widely compatible toolbox for further enhancing hot melt formulations


Renewable-based Terra versions available for reducing product carbon footprints

Lightness and strength you can count on

Less weight
added onto the weight of bonded non-wovens
up to
More cohesive strength
yet low viscosities thanks to narrow molecular weight distributions
Polymer adhesives
without harmful additions that can worry consumers
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