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Our solutions for pressure-sensitive adhesives
stripping away the problems
from self-stick tapes and labels

Eliminate MOSH/MOAHs and reduce VOCs in your hot melt PSA formulations

Pressure-sensitive adhesives, or PSAs, provide the self-sticking layer of a wide range of applications, from tapes, labels and sticky notes to self-adhesive solutions for all kinds of car trim. Yet some of the ingredients of PSAs also have come to be regarded as »sensitive« in another sense – and are under increasing pressure from regulators and health-conscious consumers.

Our Licocene® solutions for hot-melt pressure-sensitive adhesive formulations can help manufacturers to strip away such issues from their self-stick products. Offering a new approach to formulating PSAs that are free of mineral oil hydrocarbons (MOSH/MOAHs) and low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), they open the way to making better, less odor-emitting self-adhesives that also cause less fogging than conventional products when used in interior automotive applications.

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With renewable-based solutions like our Licocene® Terra products, we take sustainable innovation in hot-melt adhesive bonding to the next level.

Smartly designed polymers that make your adhesives stick in the minds of customers

Based on polyolefins and precision-tailored with cutting-edge metallocene technology, our Licocene® polymers offer ideal components for formulating MOSH/MOAH-free, low-VOC, non-staining PSA solutions that stick out from the rest. Performance-wise, they enable benefits such as higher peel values, lower coating weights and improved anti-aging, while our renewable-based Terra versions provide new options for making self-stick products with stripped-down carbon profiles.

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Three good reasons for choosing Clariant
key benefits of our Licocene® solutions


Ideal components for formulating MOSH/MOAH-free self-adhesive products


Non-staining solutions that do not cause stains and discolorations on common substrates


Low VOC content leads to less fogging in car interiors and similar environments

User-focused features
you can count on it

putting to rest consumer worries about potential health hazards
leaving substrates free of unsightly discolorations and marks
VOC content
reducing odors and fogging caused by self-stick products

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