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Beraca CBA

The CBD-like skin soother

A specific blend of 2 powerful oils responsibly sourced

Copaiba oil: composed mainly of β-caryophyllene, a phyto-cannabinoid known to interact with the skin’s endocannabinoid system to selectively binds CB2 receptor. It is able to modulate cellular signals promoting reduction of irritation and improvements in skin calming.
Passion fruit seed oil: with high levels of unsaturated fatty acids – especially linoleic acid, this oil has well- established soothing benefits. Its composition also helps increase skin permeability of active, enhancing its efficacy.

Obtained from renewable resources

The copaiba oil comes from copaiba tree resin and is responsibly extracted to conserve the tree. After the collection, holes are properly closed according to good management practices and a resting period is ensured.
The passion fruit vines are cultivated with responsible techniques to conserve and even enrich the Amazonian biome.

A natural alternative to CBD to efficiently soothe sensitive skins

Beraca CBA soothes skin better than CBD

Under inflammatory conditions, Beraca CBA shows a superior soothing effect compared to CBD thanks to greater β-endorphin secretion.

Redness and irritations reduction


Beraca CBA efficiently reduces skin sensitivity (-61% after 7 days and -71% after 28 days), and tackles IL-6 inflammatory mediator (-38%) thus improving skin redness (-44%).


Rebalancing sensitive skins microbiota

Beraca CBA downregulates 3 key bacteria strains reported to be pro-inflammatory: Kocuria, Micrococcus and Corynebacterium. Skin microbiota is pushed towards a healthier profile.

A recognized efficacy

For its responsible sourcing and proven efficacy, Beraca CBA was awarded the 3rd prize at the BSB Innovation Awards 2023 in the category "Natural Ingredients".
To learn more on Beraca CBA and its performance, download the product's scorecard:

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  • Beraca™ CBA
    Beraca CBA is a complex blend of two powerful oils, copaiba oil and passion fruit oil. This natural active ingredient provides a CBD-like effect by targeting the skin’s endocannabinoid system and activating the CB2 receptors. Through this, it boosts the production of β-endorphin, leading to a calming and relaxing sensation on the skin. In parallel, Beraca CBA modulates the release of IL-6, an irritation mediator, and it rebalances the microbiota of sensitive skins. As a consequence, redness and sensitivity are reduced, and skin recovers its wellness. For its responsible sourcing and efficacy, Beraca CBA was awarded the 3rd prize at the BSB Innovation Awards 2023 in the category "Natural Products". For more details on the products, visit the dedicated webpage Beraca CBA. And to discover our other active ingredients or our ingredients from natural origins, visit our webpage Natural Actives and Natural Origins.

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