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The eco-conscious barrier-function balancer

Responsibly-sourced active ingredient


From Brazil nut co-product

Brazil nuts are known for the quality of their oil. Once the seeds are crushed to extract it, the remaining press-cake still contains high levels of polyphenols with useful properties for the cosmetic industry, now valorized by Beraca Protect.

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Origin: Brazilian biome

The Brazil nuts used to produce Beraca Protect are sourced in Northern Brazil. The fruits are collected from the ground by local men on long treks through the forest. This provenance helps conserve one of the world’s richest hotspots of biodiversity.


Zero-waste strategy

The entire fruit is used, which includes reuse of the waste from the process as fertilizer. This is part of a zero-waste strategy applied to some of our production processes.

For triple-level action on skin barrier

Skin barrier is our main protection against external aggressors such as allergens, pathogens, irritants,... But subject to chronical exposure with these aggressors, and/or aggressed by mechanical actions such as mask chafing or shaving, it can be compromised. As a result, irritation reactions and dryness occur.

The skin barrier protection depend on three layers:

  • the lipid layer at the surface that creates a protective film which is the first protection against intrusion from external aggressors
  • the stratum corneum brick and mortar structure
  • the epidermis, where cohesion between cells prevent pathogens from entering deeper into the skin, and differentiation capacity allows to renew the upper stratum corneum layer in order to maintain an optimal level of protection.

Beraca Protect acts on these three layers to ensure an efficient skin barrier protection. To learn more, watch its mechanism of action on the video besides.

Stimulation of lipid metabolism

Beraca Protect upregulates the synthesis and transport of major skin lipids such as cholesterol and ceramides, to maintain surface lipid layer and stratum corneum mortar. This ensures an efficient first level of skin barrier function.


Stimulation of keratinocytes differentiation

Beraca Protect stimulates the production of growth factors and terminal differentiation markers to ensure stratum corneum's brick formation.

Stimulation of keratinocytes differentiation and terminal differentiation

Support of cell cohesion and structure

By stimulating the synthesis of microtubules, actin filaments, keratin-10 and tight junction components, Beraca Protect restores epidermis cell adhesion and solidity. This prevents pathogens and allergens from entering deeper into the skin.


And uncompromised skin protection

Uncompromised skin protection for men who shave daily and present visible signs of skin damage such as redness

Men panel

13 men who daily shaved and presented visible signs of skin damage such as redness.

Formula with 1% Beraca Protect.

Results: +28% hydration and -8% redness after 35 days.

Uncompromised skin protection for women with skin damage on the face due to face mask wearing.

Women panel

14 caucasian women with skin damage on the face due to mask wearing.

Formula with 1% Beraca Protect.

Results: +29% skin hydration after 7 days and +52% after 35 days.

Our products

  • Beraca™ Protect
    Beraca Protect is sourced from the brazil nut (Bertholletia excelsa), produced by the Brazil nut tree that grows in the Amazon rainforest. Hand-picked by the local communities, the brazil nuts are usually used for their oil. The remaining press cake was previously discarded though it was still rich in polyphenols, molecules with a high interest for the cosmetic industry. By extracting Beraca Protect from this press-cake, it brings new commercial value to this co-product. Beraca Protect efficiently reinforces the skin barrier protection by acting on its three levels: It stimulates the synthesis and transport of lipids, to ensure renewal of the lipid layer that creates a protective film at the surface of the skin and serves as a "mortar" to hold the cells of the stratum corneum altogether It stimulates growth and differentiation of keratinocytes, to ensure renewal of the stratum corneum It supports cells cohesion and reinforces the cytoskeleton of keratinocytes in the epidermis, maintaining a strong structure to prevent external aggressors from entering deeper in the skin Thanks to this triple mode of action, skin hydration is maintained and irritation reactions are lowered, as it was demonstrated through two clinical studies with men and women having compromised skins. For its innovative raw material with an responsibly-sourced supply chain, Beraca Protect won gold at the BSB Innovation Awards 2021 in the category "Environment". To learn more on the product, visit the dedicated webpage Beraca Protect. And to discover our other active ingredients, visit our homepage Clariant Active Ingredients.

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