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The new natural alternative to retinol
for gentle beauty

New times, new needs

Today’s skincare ethos has undergone a major shift, with performance no longer valued over naturalness and gentleness – especially when it comes to minimizing signs of aging. This change comes amidst growing emphasis on skin sensitivity. Retinol has dominated since the 1970s for boosting collagen and smoothing wrinkles. However, today's consumers want more than effectiveness alone. Retinol is plagued by irritation worries, and its synthetic origins increasingly feel outdated.

Aware of both the needs of consumers and formulators, Clariant set out to discover a naturally-derived alternative to retinol, one matching or exceeding its age-defying effects without the downsides.

A plant-based cyclic peptide

From Pseudostellaria heterophylla

  • Also called Prince ginseng
  • Adaptogenic plant used in traditional Chinese medicine
  • Sourced in China

A natural source of heterophyllin B

  • P. heterophylla is the only plant known to produce heterophyllin B
  • Heterophyllin B is a peptide with a cyclic structure
  • Thanks to its specific structure, it has a high bioactivity, stability, and increased performance

Clariant's research team extracted heterophyllin B from Prince ginseng cultivated in China through a reasoned approach, without fertilizer or pesticides, respectfully of the environment. CycloRetin is titrated in heterophyllin B, directly using and potentializing what nature offers us.

Efficacy and mildness: the new natural alternative to retinol

Optimizing retinol naturally present in cells: no need to overload skin

Retinol is naturally present in cells. CycloRetin increases the level of retinol conversion enzymes and retinol receptor in cells, to optimize retinoid pathway homeostasis, for a better use of intra-cellular retinol.
By optimizing the use of intracellular retinol by the cell, CycloRetin does not trigger irritation reactions as externally applied retinol does.

Reinforcing skin structure

Optimizing the retinoid pathway, CycloRetin also boosts fibroblasts' biological functions, with a stronger and wider effect than retinol on 6 genes involved in fibroblasts activities. Consequently, the expression of genes responsible for collagen and elastin production are reactivated, better than what is achieved with retinol.
In addition to renewing the ECM fundamental elements, CycloRetin improves their organization to create a stronger collagen network, that could be visualized through an innovative 3D model.
Clariant-image-spheroids sparc collagen v2-2024-01

Expanding the scope of action: wider effects than retinol

CycloRetin does more than retinol: not only does it address dermis structure, it also reinforces the epidermis structure by activating genes implied in skin barrier function and hydration, for a dual effect on skin quality.

Defying gravity and signs of aging

CycloRetin outperforms bakuchiol on skin sagging

Two clinical studies were conducted to demonstrate the efficacy of CycloRetin vs. placebo and vs. bakuchiol, a known plant-based retinol alternative.

On skin sagging, CycloRetin outperforms bakuchiol and is 5 times more efficient than placebo.

On skin firmness, CycloRetin has similar efficacy to bakuchiol and is 6 times more efficient than placebo.

On skin luminosity, CycloRetin has similar efficacy to bakuchiol and is 9.5 times more efficient than placebo.


CycloRetin acts faster than retinol to minimize wrinkles appearance

A clinical study was conducted to compare CycloRetin and retinol on wrinkles reduction.

In only 2 weeks, CycloRetin reduces all type of deep facial wrinkles, much faster than retinol, with a building effect overtime to help prevent the formation of future lines.

With the same efficacy as retinol, CycloRetin visibly smooths and plumps the eye area wrinkles, providing a youthful appearance.

Serving beauty without compromise: CycloRetin triggers more biological pathways than retinol to reactivate fibroblasts and reinforce the skin, without causing unpleasant side effects of irritation, and is clinically proven to outpassing bakuchiol on skin sagging.

Download Cycloretin's scorecard

Find more information on the product and the results of in-vitro, ex-vivo and clinical trials by downloading the scorecard below:

Download File

Download MSDS, order sample or access product details:

  • CycloRetin™
    CycloRetin is a new natural alternative to retinol. Titrated in heterophyllin B, a cyclic peptide extracted from Pseudostellaria heterophylla (the Prince ginseng), it optimizes the use of retinol naturally present in the skin, to reactivate fibroblast biological functions and thus boosting the expression of genes implied in collagen and elastin synthesis. CycloRetin also improves the organization of collagen and elastic fibers, to reinforce the skin structure. Thanks to this mode of action, it is not necessary to overload the skin with retinol, to avoid irritation reactions. In addition, CycloRetin reinforces the epidermis structure by activating genes implied in barrier function, for a wider effect than what can be achieved with retinol. As a result, skin sagging is reduced, and skin firmness and luminosity are increased. Being China compliant and water soluble, CycloRetin can easily be used by formulators to offer new well-aging solutions for customers all over the world. For this innovative mode of action and its efficacy, CycloRetin was awarded the silver prize at the BSB Innovation Awards in 2024. To learn more on the product, visit the dedicated webpage CycloRetin. And to discover our other active ingredients or our ingredients from natural origins, visit our webpage Natural Actives and Natural Origins.

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