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Active ingredients

for healthy scalp and hair

Every person dreams about keeping strong, thick hair for as long as possible and, most importantly, avoiding hair loss. But external factors such as coloring, heating, or pollution can damage the fiber and make it thin and dull. In addition, stress and aging can affect hair growth and quality, leading to premature hair loss (alopecia) or dull hair.

But to be strong, hair also require a healthy scalp. To reinforce the hair growth potential and strength, Clariant Active Ingredients has developed natural actives for cosmetic hair care and scalp care products.   

EquiScalp®: microbiota-friendly scalp soother

40% of the population has sensitive scalp issues. Redness, itching, squames, can affect quality of life. To soothe irritated scalp, Clariant Active Ingredients has developed EquiScalp. This natural active is made from Fuji apple stem cells. The stem cells technology makes it possible to produce large quantities of extract using low quantities of plant material to start the process, for a sustainable sourcing. The extract is rich in phloridzin, a molecule with strong anti-irritation and anti-lipogenic activities.

EquiScalp is able to control two important inflammatory mediators, IL-1Ra and S100A8/9. As a result, scalp desquamation is limited, redness and sebum production are reduced. In addition, clinical trials demonstrated that EquiScalp does not affect the level of live bacteria on the scalp, in order to preserve its microbiota.




EMortal® Pep (Hair): the hair loss preventer

We have between 100 000 to 150 000 hair follicles. In a lifetime, one hair can go through about 25 cycles, as the follicles are self-renewing structures. When they fall, the stem cells located at their base replicate and migrate to regenerate the hair matrix. We all have a predetermined number of hair cycles; if we reach this number we cannot grow new hair. Once this state occurs, it is impossible to stimulate hair growth. Factors like stress, age, hormonal changes… can affect the number of hair cycles, leading to premature hair fall and alopecia.

To prevent hair loss by stimulating the stem cells, Clariant Active Ingredients has developed Emortal Pep. This natural active is made of pea (Pisum sativum) extracts. Pea is rich in peptides containing lysine, an amino-acid not synthetized by the body that must be obtained from external sources. In cosmetics, pea peptide is recognized for its high phyto-nutriments content, and is also part of superfood sources.

EMortal Pep stimulates stem cells to significantly increase the density of hair and prevent hair loss.


Dongbaek Oil: for strong and glossy hair

Hair quality and appearance is affected by aging. As we grow older, we lose hair, they seem thinner, change in texture and brittleness.

To reinforce hair, Clariant Active Ingredient has developed Dongbaek Oil. This oil is extracted from the seeds of the Camellia japonica, a plant cultivated in Jeju island, a Korean island rich in endemic plants with superior properties for cosmetics.

Dongbaek Oil has strong anti-oxidant and anti-irritation properties to prevent hair aging. It will increase hair force and gloss for an improved appearance.




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