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Active ingredients

for skin moisturizing

Water is vital for skin comfort and influences the skin’s mechanical properties and ability for protection. Proper moisture levels help maintain a healthy and youthful glow. Disruptions in homeostasis accelerate skin discomfort and a lack of softness, and makes skin more prone to aggression.

To bring and lock water to the skin, Clariant Active Ingredients has developed a range of actives ingredients for cosmetic skin care products, to efficiently hydrate and moisturize.   

Waterin Plus: the skin-like moisturizer

Water is essential for skin function, so proper hydration is critical to ensure healthy skin. In the stratum corneum, hygroscopic molecules, especially carbohydrates, provide water retention capacity and are also important factors for maintaining a strong skin barrier function. An alteration of water-holding elements leads to skin dryness, as it is no longer able to properly trap water inside, and the skin barrier is damaged.

To supplement the skin with hygroscopic elements while preserving barrier function, Clariant Active Ingredients developed Waterin Plus, a green moisturizer made of a carbohydrate complex derived from plants, that mimics the composition of carbohydrates found in the stratum corneum. Waterin Plus provides skin hydration, even four days after product application has ceased. In addition, it improves skin comfort by targeting associated skin itchiness and roughness. 



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