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The feel-good
anti-hair loss

A de-stressing active from Prunella vulgaris

Prunizen is a natural active ingredient that tackles psychoemotional stress-induced hair loss and stimulates hair. It helps to restore personal self-esteem and emotional well-being.

This new active ingredient is extracted from Prunella vulgaris, a plant used in traditional Asian medicine and presents adaptogenic properties. It is cultivated and hand-harvested in South Korea.

Prunella vulgaris

Prunizen reduces scalp's cortisol and neuronal excitation

Cortisol is known as the stress hormone. When high levels of this hormone regularly reach the scalp and hair, it impairs and reduces hair follicle growth and alters follicle structure, leading to poor hair quality.

Prunizen helps modulate cortisol production under stress conditions by inhibiting the enzyme 11β-HSD1 that converts cortisone into active cortisol. It also protects the hair against the effects of cortisol, by increasing hair follicle size and maintaining a healthy hair structure.

In addition, Prunizen helps mitigate the neurogenic inflammation induced by cortisol or histamine. By soothing neurons, it reduces scalp sensitivity and can limit hair loss.

Prunizen action on cortisol production

Prunizen improves scalp well-being

Oxytocin is a powerful neurotransmitter that provides potent physiological anti-stress effects. By increasing oxytocin release under stress conditions, Prunizen delivers strong anti-stress effects.


Prunizen protects hair beauty from emotional stress

In a survey conducted by Clariant Active Ingredients on 300 consumers, 81% of them mentioned hair loss as the number-one manifestation of stressed hair. When asked about the benefits they would look for in an anti-stress haircare product, 24% spontaneously cited anti-hair loss properties. 49% of consumers cited dull hair, 44% hair breakage and 37% flat hair as signs of stress.

Prunizen efficiently stimulates hair vitality by increasing the proportion of hair in the growth phase (anagen phase) while decreasing those in falling phase (telogen phase), thus improving the anagen/telogen ratio by 22%. After 3 months, hair length is increased by 21%.

Prunizen also enhances hair beauty and vitality. Hair quality grading is increased by 83% and hair volume by 38%.

By regulating hair physiology in people impacted by PES, Prunizen helps to fight stress-induced hair loss.

Prunizen main clinical results

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  • Prunizen™
    Prunizen is a natural active ingredient made from an extract of Prunella vulgaris, a plant with adaptogenic properties. It addresses scalp and hair issue of people suffering from psycho-emotional stress, known to cause hair loss and affect scalp and hair quality. Prunizen modulates cortisol production in the scalp for stressed people and protects hair structure. In addition, it stimulates the production of oxytocin, providing a well-being effect on the scalp. For more details on the product, you visit the dedicated webpage on Prunizen. And to discover our other active ingredients, visit our homepage Clariant Active Ingredients.