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Soothing ingredients


Along time and year, the skin is facing multiple aggressions. We are surrounded by external aggressors such as UV, pollution, tobacco smoke. The way we live, eat and work also impacts the skin condition. A visible and complex problem to handle is irritation, which is a major concern all around the world.

To prevent irritation and reduce atopic-prone skin conditions, Clariant Active Ingredients has developed natural actives for skin care products.   

EOSIDIN®: the savior of sensitive skins

As 50% of the population claims to have sensitive skins, and this figure is growing, this is becoming a major concern for men and women, who are looking for efficient solutions to recover comfort and well-being. This chronic feeling of skin irritation is characterized by dry skin and itching sensations, and can affect different body sites. Through a vicious circle, irritation causes scratching reactions that damage the skin barrier function, making it more vulnerable to further aggressions that will reinforce these sensitive skin sensations.

To efficiently soothe sensitive skins, Clariant Active Ingredients has developed Eosidin, a natural active ingredient made of extracts of green citrus unshiu from Jeju island. Rich in synephrine, hesperidin and naringin, Eosidin blocks the JAK/STAT6 pathway, thus decreasing the eotaxin synthesis and histamin release. It improves skin barrier function and significantly reduces skin sensitivity.

Clinical trials demonstrated its ability to improve skin barrier function by increasing skin hydration by 40% after 2 weeks and by 64% after 8 weeks, while reducing TEWL by 33% in 8 weeks. It also reduces skin itchiness by 68% in 8 weeks, and volunteers  really felt the benefits of Eosidin as 88% declared their skin itched less and 100% found their skin was less dry.


MultiEx BSASM™: extreme skin soother

When the skin suffers from aggressions, multiple irritation cascades take place. Very often, they enter into vicious circles, making them difficult to control. When stressed, the skin overproduces cytokines, such as interleukine-8 (IL-8) well known for their potential aggressiveness to the skin, very often leading to irritation.

At the same time, the Nf-Kb pathway, one of the most important irritation pathway, is activated and leads to the overproduction of these chemokines and cytokines. A global control of these targets should lead to soothing activity.

To keep under control the processes leading to skin irritation, Clariant Active Ingredients has developed MultiEx BSASM™.

This natural active is a unique combination of 7 natural plant extracts well-known and traditionally used in Asia to obtain a fast and particularly efficient soothing effect: Centella asiatica, tea, chamomile, licorice, rosemary, skullcap and Japanese knotweed.

This original mix has proven its activity in order to reduce extreme irritation after only 4 weeks, in a very powerful manner.