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Let the sunshine in!

(but with moderation...)

Daytime is increasing and our skin is more exposed to sun, for the good but not always the best. Our active ingredients are here to help potentialize the positive effects of sunlight while balancing some its drawbacks. Discover their main activities, to create the must-have formulations for this summer.

Boosting vitamin D with Rootness™ Mood+

Rootness Mood+ activates the skin photoreceptors and improves vitamin D effects to boost the production of the well-being molecules serotonin and melatonin, for a mood boosting effect.

Clinical results on volunteers with low mood and dull facial complexion including lack of firmness:
- Skin tone complexion homogeneity: +16%
- Relaxation effect: +279%

Origin: extracted from the roots of the great burnet thanks to the Plant Milking technology

INCI: Propanediol, Sanguisorba Officinalis Root Extract

Supporting circadian rhythm with B-Circadin™

B-Circadin helps resynchronize the cell's circadian rhythm to support some of the main biological functions, such as detoxification pathway and hydration, for an improved complexion and a more restful look. 

Clinical results on volunteers with disrupted circadian rhythm:
- Skin complexion improvement: +35%
- Under-eyes puffiness: -18%

Origin: extracted from the leaves of Lespedeza capitata

INCI: Propanediol, Water, Lespedeza Capitata Leaf/Stem Extract

Rehydrating skin with Hydrosella™

Effective in both leave-on and rinse-off formulas, Hydrosella accelerates skin water recovery by enhancing the skin's natural ability to retain water while restoring the skin barrier, providing immediate and long-lasting moisturization for a feeling of comfort.

Clinical results on volunteers with normal to dry skin:
- Skin hydration after a single application: up to +29%
- Skin hydration in rinse-off application: up to +54%

Origin: Organic extract from a unique Australian Wild rosella

INCI: Glycerin, Water, Erythritol, Hibiscus Sabdariffa Fruit Extract

Soothing skin with Tazman Pepper™ C

Tazman Pepper C targets the TRVP1 sensitivity receptor to quickly reduce skin and scalp sensitivity, redness, and discomfort, providing relief from head to toe.

Clinical results on volunteers:
- Skin burning sensations: up to -67% after 1 min and -100% after 3 min
- Skin redness: up to -74% in only 30 min
- Scalp sensitivity: up to -42% after 3 days

Origin: extracted from the Australian endemic Tasmanian pepperberry leaves

INCI: Glycerin, Water, Tasmannia Lanceolata Leaf Extract

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