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100% natural scrubs responsibly obtained for several levels of exfoliation.

Açai Scrub

This scrub is obtained from the presscake of açaí oil production process and is part of the zero-waste strategy applied to the açaí in our portfolio. It promotes gentle exfoliation with low abrasiveness.

Granulometry: 250 µm

Cupuaçu Scrub

With a zero-waste product life-cycle, this scrub is obtained from the presscake of cupuaçu butter production process. It gently exfoliates the skin, adding a naturality touch to cosmetic formulations.

Granulometry: 250 µm

Facial Quartz Crystals

Exfoliation agent for facial care products, with no chemical processes during production.

Granulometry: 100 µm

Body Quartz Crystals

These particles provide a stronger exfoliation. With no sharp edges, they are ideal for body care products.

Granulometry: 600 µm

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