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Concept: No make up

Studies show that disruption of our natural skin microbiome may be a driving factor for skin inflammation1. Are you troubled by skin ecology? If so, try our latest Clariant Naturally Pure skin care collection. Made with naturally-derived ingredients, this minimalist formulation range has been designed to be gentle to your skin flora, while providing the nourishment it needs for naturally radiant beauty.



Inspiring formulations

Daily bb serum SPF10

Combining the benefits of a smooth creamy texture with a light and fresh skin finish, this multi-benefit serum brings with the addition of Plantasens Grape Serum and Plantasens Olive Active HP the perfect balance of vitamins, discrete coverage and SPF level.

Sleeping beauty serum

Designed to enhance the quality of your skin during sleep, this elegant serum nourishes the skin with Plantasens Avocado Serum. Rich in Omega-6 and -9, it also provides anti-oxidant benefits to help the natural repair mechanisms of the skin.

Gentle micellar water

Formulated with Clariant’s GlucoTain Clear, the spherical micelles of this gentle cleanser swiftly lift the deposited dust and make up on your skin while being mild to your natural skin barrier.

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