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With Clariant’s 25th anniversary in full (if pandemically subdued) swing, many of its staff, as well as many customers, would probably be surprised to hear it is only the 5th anniversary of EcoTain®. In the relatively short time of its existence, Clariant’s sustainability label has become such an intrinsic part of the company’s culture that one can easily think it’s always been there. More than just a practical way to show which of Clariant’s products deliver outstanding sustainability performance, it has become a powerful source of change and forward-looking value creation.

Clariant has always seen itself as a chemical enabler, pioneer and differentiator, and a first version of the label was actually already introduced in 2012 by one of its business units to support sustainable customer choice. At the same time, Clariant worked with the Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production, a German thinktank, to set up a system for evaluating its products. Using 36 criteria from all three sustainability dimensions, i.e. social, environmental and economic, the co-designed Portfolio Value Program became the basis for selecting EcoTain® products across all business areas.

Launched company-wide in spring 2015, the EcoTain® label soon established itself as trusted proof that beyond world-class expertise in formulation, Clariant offered smart solutions for the strong trends transforming the industry.

Be it in the field of health and safety, resource efficiency or simple consumer convenience: From its founding in 1995, Clariant had always shown it was quick to respond to changes, and believed in ethical business practices just as much as in the well-being and development of its workforce. Yet with customers facing growing regulations, globalized standards and a global community of critical consumers, it was clear that what they needed was a first-choice partner for going beyond compliance and staying on top of the times. EcoTain® offers them reassurance that, in Clariant, they have that partner.

Take safer chemistry, for instance, where the need to phase out harmful substances can create great challenges, or even risks because vital products are at stake. Though halogenated flame retardants are highly effective in reducing the flammability of products and materials, their use is increasingly restricted due to health and environmental concerns, leaving manufacturers in need of a good substitute. Clariant’s halogen-free Exolit® OP series offers them just that: Replacing flame retardants containing bromine or other halogens with a safer phosphorus-based alternative, it is one of the first and most successful holders of the EcoTain® label.

Replacing existing solutions with better ones – or, in one word, innovation – has been key to Clariant’s success from the start, and EcoTain® has proven to be a North Star for pushing this capability to new heights. In the foundry industry, where the high heat involved in metal casting can create harmful BTEX emissions, our unique EcosilTM LE+ molding sand additives provide a volatiles-reducing alternative for producing perfect surfaces. In the food sector, Opazil® FFR, one of our many EcoTain® products based on the natural mineral bentonite, prevents contamination with mineral oil residues from recycled paper and board packaging. And in the hugely important field of mobility, our award-winning sunliquid® solution for converting straw and other agricultural residues to biofuel offers a low-emission, carbon-neutral technology for confronting climate change.

Other sustainable solutions include catalysts greatly improving the efficiency and energy footprint of chemical conversions, high-foaming household surfactants made from sugar, and process enhancers enabling lighter cars. So far, the label that started as a small initiative in one of Clariant’s business units less than ten years ago adorns 200 products and solutions*, and it is sure to adorn many, many more. Browse this gallery to see 25 of our favorite EcoTain® products, and let yourself be amazed by how much innovation has been achieved in so short a time.


* including those from discontinued operations. As of 31 December 2019, discontinued operations comprised the pigments and masterbatches businesses.

25 EcoTain Products

Exolit® OP
This family of halogen-free flame retardants protects people and materials from fires in a sustainable way. Exolit OPs are recognized by third parties as environmentally preferential. Available also as grades based on renewable carbon sources, and proven to offer high potential for recycling.
Velsan® Flex
Velsan® Flex is a naturally derived preservation booster that allows formulators to reduce the overall preservative load while keeping hair and skin care products safe for use.
Genadvance® Life
This conditioning agent for hair care products delivers shine and volume without silicones while featuring good biodegradability and low aquatic toxicity.
Container Dri® II
Non-toxic, easy-to-handle cargo desiccants that protect food and other shipped goods by efficiently absorbing moisture, helping prevent condensation from forming on the walls of the container and causing »container rain.«
A groundbreaking technology platform for converting agricultural residues like straw into advanced biofuels, which play an important role in decarbonizing the transport sector. sunliquid® also produces cellulosic sugars that can serve as intermediates for biobased products.
A safer, better alternative to xanthate collectors, this technology was developed through collaboration with customers to deliver high copper flotation performance and safer handling and disposal for mines.
A versatile, high-performance, green scale inhibitor for the control of common oilfield sulphate and carbonate mineral scales. This technology is used to control moderate to harsh barium sulphate scale in higher temperature operational environments, enabling the avoidance of excessive freshwater use and treatment chemicals.
Preventing wax formation in pipelines, this aqueous-based pour point depressant makes oil production at temperatures as low as -40 °C more sustainable and effective.
By lowering the energy consumption and the CO2 footprint of ammonia synthesis, which is essential for modern agriculture, this catalyst helps to both feed and preserve the planet.
EnviCat® N2O
Based on cutting-edge zeolite technology, this catalyst helps remove the harmful climate-changing gas nitrous oxide, better known as laughing gas, from industrial emissions.
These natural molding sand additives for metal casting provide high precision and processability and are part of Clariant’s unique low-emission (LE+) technology.
Genamin® Gluco 50
This VOC/SVOC-free, renewable-based neutralizing agent is a perfect amine alternative for creating shelf-stable, low-odor waterborne paints with eco-labels.
Hostavin® 3315 DISP
A label-free, high-performance UV absorber dispersion with an excellent toxicological profile and low VOC impact that makes waterborne coatings more durable.
By using graphite with special dispersants to ensure perfect surfaces in green sand molding, this lustrous carbon former drastically reduces BTEX emissions.
Ceridust® 1060 Vita
A micronized, easily dispersible wax based on renewable rice bran that improves the aesthetics, durability and processability of plastics and coatings.
Dispersogen® PLF 100
This polymeric dispersing agent for waterborne pigment concentrates offers excellent color strength and complies with the criteria of several consumer sustainability labels.
GlucoPure® Foam
Based on sugar and coconut oil, this mild surfactant for dishwashing liquids combines great cleaning and foaming power with a renewable carbon index of 95%.
Nylostab® S-EED® FF
Nylostab S-EED is a multifunctional additive developed for high compatibility with nylons. This versatile modifier and stabilizer enables longer service life as well as the easier recycling of nylons.
Licocene® PP 2502
Low in odor and improving manufacturing footprint and recyclability, this excellent adhesive is used in mattress construction.
TexCare® SRN 260 Life
A biobased, high-performance soil-release polymer for laundry detergents that shields clothes from stains and graying. Allows colder and shorter washing with less detergent, and has a renewable carbon index of 80%.
Perlogen SF 3000
A naturally derived pearlizing ingredient that delivers a silky luster to hair while being sulfate-free, cold-processable and highly effective at low dosage.
Synergen™ ME
By allowing herbicides to better cover and penetrate crops, these eco-compatible, non-hazardous tank-mix adjuvants benefit both food production and the environment.
Hostaperm Yellow H3G 02
Eliminating bead-milling and thus the most energy-intensive step of making paints, this next-generation pigment gives great color and fastness to all kinds of coatings
A sustainable collector for the direct flotation of apatite and other industrial minerals that delivers high concentrate grades with low impurities at lower dosages.


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