Welcome “Zenspiration”! Clariant Active Ingredients introduces new Japanese beauty-inspired formulation concept

Welcome to award-winning "Zenspiration"! Clariant Active Ingredients' new concept features formula...
  • J-Beauty inspired sophisticated simplicity backed by science, acknowledged with a prestigious BSB Innovation Award 2020
  • Supports minimalistic routines featuring multipurpose products & traditional ingredients with recognized skin care benefits
  • 3 new formulations with exciting sensorial effects and recently launched powerful active ingredients

Muttenz, May 12, 2020 – Yōkoso “Zenspiration”! Unveiled today, Clariant Active Ingredients’ new formulation concept invites the cosmetics industry to take inspiration from the sophisticated simplicity and science-backed ethos of Japanese beauty (J-Beauty), to support consumers searching for “less is more” through high quality, high-performing care products. “Zenspiration” is the recent recipient of a prestigious BSB Innovation Award silver prize in the category "Applied Concept".

Japan, the world’s second largest beauty market[1], has a rich and long history of beauty tradition, embodied by authentic elegance and simplicity. J-Beauty focuses on minimalist routines and research-proven ingredients to highlight natural beauty and achieve a fresh, youthful complexion and hydrated skin. Multi-purpose products and traditional ingredients with known benefits are key to keeping regimen simple but effective. And its basic values are now sought after worldwide.

“Time pressures and daily stresses leave little time for complex regimes. So, many women are rejecting fast beauty over-purchasing, reducing their daily products, as among the under 35s in the US[2], or mainly following simple facial routines as in France[3],” comments Alexandre Lapeyre, Global Head of Marketing, Clariant Active Ingredients. “There’s a growing need for multifunctional products and trust-worthy ingredients, and “Zenspiration” brings all the elements needed for formulators to rise above the ordinary and to reinforce natural beauty.”

Designed with sensorial excellence and Japanese Zen principles in mind, “Zenspiration” features three formulations as inspiration for daily cream, scalp toner and solid skin serum. Each uses ingredients with scientifically-proven efficacity, including Clariant Active Ingredients’ recently launched powerful nature-derived ingredients, Rootness™ Energize and Equiscalp™.

Datsuzoku – “Enlightened”: Energizing Water Cream

This describes the feeling of serenity and happiness when one realizes the daily stresses of life are irrelevant to one’s true self. It involves transcending above the ordinary and conventional ideas.

Clariant Active Ingredients captures this prinicple in the “Energizing Water Cream”. Delivering the replenishing and skin energy-boosting powers of Rootness Energize, this formulation also supports full hydration and guards the skin to help prevent premature aging with Epseama™, HerbCool and WaterinPlus. It leaves a silky soft finish, it is your best ally to rise above daily stresses of life.

Kanso – “Simplicity”: Simply Rebalancing Scalp Toner

Kanso relates to basic simplicity and the elimination of the ornate. Things expressing simplicity are appraised by their nature as truthful and reserved, involving a sense of cleanliness and clarity through elimination of non-essential clutter.

The “Kanso” Simply Rebalancing Scalp Toner is a minimalistic formula containing only 16 ingredients, including those recognized to support the scalp microbiome and the scalp’s wellbeing to provide relief and comfort from irritation. This toner is built around EquiScalp, rebalancing sebum production while being mild to the scalp’s microbiota. This powerful toner combines the soothing benefits of Eosidin®, the resynchronising properties of B-Circadin™ and the refreshing touch of Actience™ Fresh.

Shibui – “Simple complexity of experience”: On-the-Glow Solid Serum

Beautiful simplicity is perceivable through time and experience. One does not tire of a Shibui object but constantly finds new meanings and enriched beauty that cause its aesthetic value to grow over the years. Clariant Active Ingredients translates this into a serum formulated in a practical stick which reveals, application after application, its true powers of soothing with Calmyang Wax and skin tone uniformization and age-spot reduction through the natural Bisabolol Alpha-Melight. It brings newly-found appreciation for natural beauty, perfecting skin’s healthy glow.

Information on the concept and how to order samples and formulation recipes is available now at www.clariant.com/zenspiration.


[1] Source Mintel
[2] Source: Mintel: US women aged 35 and younger typically use 1-2 products a day compared to the overall average of 3-4**
[3] Source Mintel: 58% of French female facial skincare users follow a simple skincare routine so their skin isn’t overwhelmed*

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