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In China for China: Clariant Additives steps up at Chinaplas 2021

With the slogan "The Symphony of Collaboration" Clariant underlines its tailored support, agility,...
  • New additives solutions make regional debut for packaging & greenhouse films
  • More support for sustainable innovation in China’s plastics industry & application sectors
  • Building a footprint for collaboration and tailored solutions

Muttenz, April 14, 2021 – At Chinaplas 2021, Clariant will debut new high-end sustainable additive solutions for plastics to support local manufacturers in adapting quickly to the requirements of highly-demanding new applications and environmental goals (Booth 15E39).

As China embraces new sustainability targets, its manufacturing segments are adopting a more environmentally-considerate approach to innovation and answering application trends. In response, Clariant is increasing local access to performance-boosting, resource-efficient additives encouraging reduction, re-use and recycling of plastics. As well as greater use of renewable feedstocks and biopolymers for more applications. All part of a wider stepping up of its local production footprint and collaborative, joint development focus to help the plastics value chain advance technology, performance and the shift to circularity in China’s growth markets.

“We’re proud to have the proximity to customers to contribute the benefits of our high-end additive solutions to this sustainable transformation,” comments Francois Bleger, Head of Clariant BU Additives. “With a new plant just opened in Cangzhou, new products coming from our established facilities in Zhenjiang, and the new Additives R&D Center, we’re building our local capabilities to develop and produce sustainable solutions destined for the plastics industries and new applications. We can tailor support, be agile, and collaborate to address specific challenges. We’re in China to help meet China’s fast-evolving needs, and more support is to come.”

Packaging and protective agriculture films are among the local growth markets targeted with new sustainability- and innovation-promoting additive solutions at Chinaplas 2021, tackling key elements of China’s new manufacturing priorities.

Recycling of agricultural film – Clariant introduces the advantages of AddWorks® PKG 906 Circle, a proprietary polymer stabilizer used to increase plastic waste recycling in polyolefin film manufacturing, to China’s greenhouse film market. AddWorks PKG 906 Circle is helping end-of-life greenhouse films to be recycled into films for secondary packaging without loss of production efficiency or compromise to the required high-demanding film quality. The resulting collation shrink films are used typically for wrapping and bundling PET beverage bottles.

AddWorks PKG 906 is the first AddWorks solution to carry the CIRCLE designator, which highlights products with the primary purpose to support the reduction, re-use or recycling of plastic products. It joins non-food competing bio-based additives from the VITA line (Licocare® RBW Vita) and renewable-based TERRA lines (Exolit® OP Terra and Licocene® Terra) making their China debut.

Clariant’s sustainability product designators – Terra, Vita and Circle – help orient customers and value chains to the sustainability benefits of products and solutions. Those distinguished with the designators deliver confirmed contributions in some particularly important areas.

Greenhouse films for higher quality crops – New in China. Light stabilizer AddWorks AGC 172 enables greenhouse film to be more open to transmitting beneficial UV light onto the crops beneath, while enabling the film to retain its protective functions. The “UV open” film provides improved light conditions for encouraging crop and leaf growth, resulting in higher quality crops with higher nutritional value, such as grapes with strong color and higher sugar content.

Collaboration boosts polyolefins for polyethylene cast film for packaging (CPE) – A customized high-performing AddWorks PKG additive solution has made a breakthrough in advancing a customer’s new generation Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) resin for CPE (Cast Polyethylene) food and non-food packaging films with extra clarity, toughness and flexibility.

Higher productivity and performance for packaging films - Now produced in Zhenjiang, AddWorks PKG 113 provides excellent polymer melt protection and high film productivity for high speed Cast Polypropylene (CPP) and Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) resins. Enabling more resource-efficient production of films fit for recycling processes.

Clariant continues to expand its portfolio of China-tailored solutions and network of local support. Its new process and light stabilizer facility in Cangzhou joins plants in Zhenjiang for Ceridust® micronized waxes and synergistic AddWorks solutions. The new Additives R&D Center, which opened at the One Clariant Campus in Shanghai in March, will foster joint development work with customers.

For more information click here, or visit Clariant at Chinaplas 2021, hall 15 booth E39.


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