Polypropylene Production

Catalysts for Olefin Polymerization


Polypropylene is used in many different applications – from food packaging to polymer banknotes. Catalysts play an important role in the polymerization of propylene to polypropylene (PP).

PolyMax® 600 Series Phthalate-Free Catalysts

Clariant's PolyMax 600 Series polypropylene catalysts demonstrate a new level of industry performance. Due to a new proprietary technology, catalyst activity is improved up to 25% compared to phthalate-based catalysts. This new technology results in higher plant productivity and superior polymer properties, such as increased impact strength for better durability.

Health & Safety

Consumer awareness and growing concern over toxic materials--coupled with stricter government regulations in the plastics industry--is driving polypropylene producers to innovate. PolyMax 600 series was developed as a replacement solution for manufacturers to meet these market demands. It is REACH compliant and safe for food contact applications.

Improved Plant Productivity

The higher catalyst productivity boosts output up to 25% compared to other non-phthalate catalysts.

Enhanced Polymer Properties

Due to a unique chemical structure, these catalysts allow to achieve a very low XS and very high stereospecificity. This sets the stage for better incorporation of ethylene into the polymer matrix versus the next best alternative, resulting in a more durable Polypropylene with higher impact resistance.

Together, these characteristics deliver a unique combination of safety, improved plant productivity, and superior polymer properties for polypropylene producers. The new series allows for production with all polypropylene typical stereospecifities, making them suitable for all common grades--from high stiffness impact copolymers to BOPP.

PolyMax® 500 Polypropylene Catalyst Series

The PolyMax 500 catalyst is a series of Ziegler-Natta (ZN) catalysts highly optimized for the manufacture of polypropylene (PP) grades in a variety of different process platforms.

  • PolyMax 500 catalysts enable PP producers to manufacture their entire product range without cumbersome catalyst changes.
  • PP producers benefit from an excellent morphology control during polymerization.
  • A process-optimized catalyst activity level, in combination with excellent isotacticity control, ensures globally competitive operational costs while maintaining full process control.
  • PolyMax 500 catalysts are commercially proven in numerous PP production lines including the major bulk, bulk loop, and gas phase processes.
  • The catalyst is available in different particle sizes to fit the needs of diverse PP processes. PolyMax 500S offers a smaller size, which is uniquely adapted to gas-phase processes.



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