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Delivering performance. Saving Resources.

The Catalysts business unit of Clariant is a leading global and independent manufacturer of high-performance catalysts for use in the chemicals, plastics, and oil and gas industries.

Our long history of innovation and expertise in catalysis builds on the capabilities of our predecessor company, Süd-Chemie.

We offer an extensive portfolio of catalyst solutions, built on innovation and partnerships for a variety of applications, including petrochemical and fuel refining catalysts, synthesis gas catalysts, chemical catalysts, emission control catalysts, and zeolites materials for a variety of applications. We also collaborate with customers to develop customized catalyst solutions for specific requirements.

Clariant’s innovative catalysts and adsorbents deliver significant and sustainable customer value by driving higher production through put lowering energy consumption, and reducing hazardous emissions from industrial processes and combustion engines.

Our catalysts and technologies also enable the use of alternative feedstock, such as natural gas, coal, and biomass as raw materials for chemical and fuel production. In doing so, Clariant Catalysts addresses the global challenges of raw material scarcity, energy efficiency, and responsible care for the environment.

Our contribution to energy transition and circular economy

Plastic Recycling
Catalysts and adsorbents for pyrolysis oil purification
Learn more about our dual concept of complementary catalysts and adsorbents that play a crucial role in optimizing product yields and energy efficiency by removing contaminants and improving pyrolysis oil quality.
Blue hydrogen
Exceptional catalysts for efficient blue hydrogen production
Learn more about our high-performance catalysts for cost-efficient blue hydrogen production via all these methods.
Hydrogen distribution
Revolutionary catalysts for the energy transition
Learn more about our highly specialized catalysts for energy storage and transport via LOHCs or ammonia.
Carbon capture and utilization
Crossing out emissions with Power-to-X catalysts
We develop innovative catalysts for CO₂ conversion in Power-to-X applications.
Feed purification
Advanced catalysts for any impurity in any feed
We provide optimized catalysts and adsorbents for cost-effective purification of all feed streams, impurities, and plant designs.


Innovations and Services



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Catalysts News and Events


Oktober 20, 2022
Clariant Tool zum Berechnen des Kohlenstoffabdrucks für schnellere Emissionsreduzierung
Oktober 20, 2022
Der Klimawandel ist die größte Herausforderung unserer Zeit, und Transparenz in Bezug auf Kohlenstoffemissionen war noch nie wichtiger als heute. Mit der Einführung des «CliMate» Product Footprint Product (PCF) Tools hat Clariant auf seiner Nachhaltigkeitsreise jetzt einen weiteren Meilenstein gesetzt. Mehr
Oktober 20, 2022
Clariant stellt Portfolio zur Reinigung von Pyrolyseöl aus vermischten Kunststoffabfällen vor
Oktober 20, 2022
Getrieben von ihrer Vision zur Förderung der Kreislaufwirtschaft hat Clariant ein innovatives Portfolio flexibler, maßgeschneiderter Lösungen für den wachsenden Markt des chemischen Kunststoffrecyceln eingeführt. Mehr
Oktober 14, 2022
Clariant & Technip Energies' EARTH® tech for energy-efficient H2 production wins first place - twice
Oktober 14, 2022
Clariant and its engineering and technology partner, Technip Energies, were presented with two industry awards for their ground-breaking EARTH technology. ICIS, which is the world’s largest petrochemical market information provider, selected the partners’ technology as the “Best Process Innovation” in the ICIS Innovation Awards 2022. EARTH also won the “Best Refining Technology” category of the Hydrocarbon Processing Awards 2022 – a program that honors the downstream energy segment’s leading innovations. Based on recuperative steam methane reforming, EARTH is a pioneering drop-in solution that enables a capacity increase in the production of hydrogen while contributing to energy savings and an improved CO2 footprint. Mehr


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