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High-quality PFAS-free
& PTFE-free solutions
for sustainable metal coating
and ink applications

Rising concerns about the impact of PFAS on human health and the environment have led to a growing demand for PTFE alternatives. Regardless of where one is in the supply network, replacing PTFE with eco-friendly PTFE-free packaging solutions will soon become a major business imperative.

We are taking a proactive, pro-safety and pro-environment approach to help customers navigate this uncertain and fast-changing landscape. At Clariant, we have developed several PFAS-free solutions for your metal coatings and ink applications. We are your partner when it comes to finding eco-friendly PTFE-alternatives and solutions to leaving potentially harmful PFAS additives behind.

Benefits of PFAS-free & PTFE-free solutions

Clariant’s PFAS-free additives offer equal performance to their PTFE-containing predecessors, with lower dosage levels. All tests have demonstrated that our PTFE-alternatives are a viable and safe replacement in printing on packaging, found in metal coatings and more.

With a differentiated biopolymer-based micronized wax, the same rub resistance performance is achievable with a dosage reduction of 30 % – 50 %, making our additives a highly cost-efficient PTFE-alternative. Other benefits are:

  • High mechanical and temperature resistance
  • Low Coefficient of Friction (COF)
  • Compliant with current and actually foreseeable regulatory requirements
  • Improved sustainability profile
  • Improved cost-performance effectiveness

Make Packaging Coatings & Inks safe, sustainable and compliant with current and actually foreseeable regulatory requirements.


High mechanicals

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Cost performance
more with less additive


Sustainable and compliant to
upcoming legislation


Adjusted Coefficient of

PFAS- & PTFE-Alternatives for printing and packaging inks

In the manufacture of industrial inks for printing and packaging, our PFAS-free and bio-based solutions Ceridust® and Licocene® have demonstrated equal, or in some cases improved, rub resistance, matting and gloss adjustment performance when compared to their predecessors. These improvements also offer a better sustainability and regulatory profile.

Choose Ceridust® and Licocene® to improve your printing and industrial inks.

  • Ceridust 1041 – 100% renewable additive to lower the Coefficient of Friction (COF) and increase rub resistance
  • Ceridust 1060 – 100%  renewable additive with coarser particle size to lower the Coefficient of Friction (COF) and increase rub resistance
  • Ceridust 3610 – very fine Polyethylene Wax for high rub resistance and low coefficient of friction
  • Ceridust 3030 – fine Polyethylene Wax for high rub resistance and low Coefficient of Friction
  • Ceridust 8330 – wax compound based on renewables for superior rub resistance

For oil, water and solvent based preparation we recommend


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Shaping the future of PFAS- & PTFE-free printing on packaging and can coatings

On the shelf and in the factory, metal can coatings need to resist scratches and markings. Therefore, they were commonly coated with PTFE-based additives to increase mechanical resistance and prevent abrasion.

Clariant's solutions for eco-friendly can coatings offer a safe alternative to PTFE. Our wax additives are sourced from sustainable raw materials, and maintain the protection of cans.

Here you can find products for the most important properties:

  • Ceridust 8330 - high mechanical resistance to abrasion and scratches
  • Ceridust 1060 - slip adjustment to lower the Coefficient of Friction
  • Ceridust 3610 - very fine Polyethylene Wax to improve scratch and mar resistance while keeping low COF
  • Ceridust 9615 A - wax compound for low COF and high mar and scratch resistance


Shaping the future of printing

Inks are an integral part of our increasingly printed and packaged world. From a soap refill pouch to a cardboard cereal or pasta box, canned and bottled beverages to bread bags and cosmetic or pharmaceutical insert leaflets, printing inks deliver eye-catching designs to spark interest as well as wording and QR codes to communicate vital product information.



ECOTAIN® - Our approach to sustainability

Ecotain® is Clariant's label for sustainability excellence and solution showcasing best-in-class performance. Each product and solution carrying the EcoTain® label has undergone a systematic, in-depth screening process using 39 criteria in all three pillars of sustainability: people, planet and performance. All Licocare® RBW Vita solutions are excelled with our EcoTain label.


Ceridust, Licocene and Licocare portfolio - product and sustainability data sheets & samples


Ceridust® 1041 Vita is a very effective additive to lower the Coefficient of Friction (COF) and increase rub resistance in printing inks



Ceridust® 1060 Vita is a very effective additive with coarser particle size to lower the Coefficient of Friction (COF) in printing inks as well as in metal coatings and increase rub resistance in printing inks. It also enables an excellent pigment or filler dispersion in powder coating applications.



Ceridust 3030 TP is suitable for all kinds of printing inks and is especially recommended for pasty or solvent based systems.

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Ceridust 3610 is a finely micronized additive made from metallocene based high density polyethylene wax.

Colorfulinks59432911rgb DA 8373.jpg


Ceridust 3620 is an excellent rub and scratch resistance additive for all kind of printing inks.



Ceridust 8330 is a revolutionary, predominantly bio-based additive for all kind of printing inks and metal packaging coatings with a mean particle size diameter of approximately 5.5 μm.

Green powder66735091 DA 8320


Licocare® RBW 101 Vita is a polar modified wax based on rice bran wax for coatings, inks, plastics, agricultural and polish & care applications.



Licocare® RBW 102 Vita is a low oxidized wax based on rice bran for coatings, inks, plastics, agriculture and care applications.



Licocene PE 4201 granules TERRA REDcert is a non-polar, low viscous polyethylene wax made from mass-balanced certified renewable ethylene.

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