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The recent use of protective masks lead to the apparition of skin issues in a large part of the population. Acne breakouts (newly called "maskne"), irritation, and thermal incomfort are amongst the main issues encountered. They are due to the modifications in the direct environment surrounding our face caused by the masks. Recent studies demonstrated that the skin temperature under the mask could increase by 2.1°C in average, causing transepidermal water loss and dehydration, which also results in a humid environment at the surface of the skin. It has also been shown that pH can decrease by 3.2%, leading to skin acidification, and sebum production increased by 135.5% in average, creating dysbiosis. In addition, direct friction from the mask can cause barrier dysfunction by skin abrasion and generate irritation reactions, leading to skin redness and loss of elasticity, as well as itching sensations.

Thanks to its wide range of actives, Clariant Active Ingredients offers users solutions to alleviate these skin issues. Discover them by clicking on the tiles below!

Eosidin: relieves abrasion induced by mask friction

Eosidin strengthens skin barrier function and decreases production of eotaxin-1 and histamine. After 2 weeks, hydration is increased by 40%, and itching lowered by 25%.

Waterin Plus: prevents water loss and dryness

Waterin Plus locks water molecules in the skin, thus increasing hydration by 12%. It also ensures long-lasting hydration 4 days post treatment. Skin is softer and itching is reduced. 

Rootness Energize: rebalances loss of elasticity.

This active reactivates bioenergetic functions, to relaunch skin matrix compounds synthesis, thus boosting elasticity by 27% and firmness by 20%.

B-Circadin: restores skin well-being clock

B-Circadin resynchronizes cells circadian rhythm impacted by mask wearing-related stress, to regulates key biological functions. Skin complexion is improved by 35%.

HerbCool: fights thermal incomfort

HerbCool, an extract of mint, thyme and green tea, brings a cooling effect by increasing calcium ion influx in TRPM8 channels, providing comfort even in the heat of the mask.

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