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Organic ingredients
responsibly sourced
from açai fruits

Clariant Actives & Natural Origins works with communities in Brazil to responsibly source açai fruits from the Amazon forest. From these fruits, we have set in place an upcycling strategys to produce different ingredients. Discover the production process and our range of ingredients, to create inspiring formulations.

Responsibly sourced organic açai from the Amazon rainforest

Clariant works with the AMPRUNAM (Association of residents and rural producers of Nazarezinho do Rio Meruú) in Brazil to source its organic açai. The cooperative was created in 1991, and stands as the first legally constituted association dedicated to work with açaí in the municipality of Igarapé-Miri, renowned as the “World Capital of Açaí”. AMPRUNAM sells mainly to industries, with guarantee of purchase and a fair price negotiation, which is done in advance. The relationship with Beraca started in 2009 and was pursued by Clariant.

Through this video, we take you through a journey in the Amazon, starting from the harvest of açai with traditional methods to its transformation in our factory.

Our ingredients from organic Açai fruit

Beraca Açai Oil Organic
Also obtained from the pulp of the fruit, rich in lipids such as oleic and palmitic acids, Beraca Açai Oil Organic is a very good emollient to hydrate and soothe the skin. Its also contains in polyphenols, for an antioxidant activity.
Beraca Açai Scrub Organic Mesh
Beraca Açai Scrub Organic Mesh is made with the press cake remaining after pressing the fruits to extract the juice and oil.
Beraca Triple A Organic
Beraca Triple A Organic is an active ingredient made of 3 oils, including açai oil. It helps reducing the number of comedones on acne-prone skins, for a blemish-free skin.

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