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Our planet’s finite resources cannot sustain an economy growing towards infinity. But committing to sustainability is only the first step. Bold leadership is ultimately what will pave the way towards lasting change. Many consumers are desiring be conscious changemakers, who buy from beauty brands that promote their worldview. Successful Personal Care companies will earn these consumers’ trust with bold brand stories. Then they need proven creative solutions like Happy Body Mousse and Good Stuff Hair Mask, which both make a difference for the environment with Community Trade ingredients while providing excellent personal care benefits.


Inspiring formulations

Happy body mousse

Good stuff hair masks

Ideal for indulging the dry-skin prone areas (hands, elbows, knees etc.) this luxurious and creamy mousse contains Community Trade passion fruit oil and ethically sourced African Abyssinian oil leaving skin soft and smooth.


After shampooing, this once-a-week, 3- to 5-minute treatment for maintaining healthy hair contains a sustainably sourced Community Trade blend of babassu butter and pequi oil from Brazil.


Peace and Love mineral sunscreen SPF 30

We designed a sunscreen free from chemical UV filters, silicones and fragrances that can adapt to all types of skin. This sunscreen has 75% natural content and contains Cosmos approved ingredients.


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