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Acetylene hydrogenation has never
been easier.

Our innovative line of catalysts for acetylene hydrogenation are engineered to reduce your workload and give you confidence that your plant is always running according to plan. Whether you run a front-end or tail-end plant, OleMax gives you more time in your day and sets your plant up for years of reliable performance.

Benefits of using OleMax catalysts

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Fast & Easy Startup
Quicker time to on-spec

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High Selectivity & Stability
Higher profits, longer cycles

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High Reliability
Less downtime

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Reduced Flaring
Fewer emissions

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Front-end catalysts OleMax 260: Novel catalyst technology

OleMax® 260 is a new generation selective acetylene hydrogenation catalyst designed for ethylene production using front-end process configurations.

  • A vast operating window
  • Near-perfect selectivity even at very low CO levels
  • Protection against thermal runaway reactions
  • Simplified and accelerated start-up procedures

Tail-end catalysts OleMax 200 series for best-in-class selectivity

The OleMax® 200 series is a comprehensive portfolio that offers flexibility to meet your specific needs, bringing your plant to the next level.

  • Stable, reliable ethylene production
  • Best-in-class selectivity
  • Very long cycle lengths
  • Lower hydrogen consumption and green oil formation

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