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Increased Hydrogen productivity and plant reliability


As hydrogen is an essential component of many industrial processes, it is crucial that hydrogen can be produced in the most cost efficient way out of a variety of different feedstocks. This is further driven by the fact that the demand for hydrogen in refineries is growing due to tightening environmental regulations in emerging regions and an increased use of heavier crudes that require more hydrogen to reach fuel specifications and generate less by-product hydrogen during crude oil processing.

Clariant supports this growth by innovative, highly active and reliable catalysts and adsorbents that help to maximize the productivity and efficiency of a hydrogen plant.

Clariant’s portfolio of hydrogen process catalysts includes:

  • ReforMax® series catalysts for Pre-Reforming and Steam Reforming
  • ShiftMax® series catalysts for High Temperature Shift, Medium Temperature Shift and Low Temperature Shift
  • ShiftMax® series catalysts for Sour Gas Shift in coal based plants
  • Actisorb® series adsorbents and HDMax® catalysts for Feed Purification

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