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Balancing energy security and sustainable solutions in the oil and gas industry


Delivering on Clariant's purpose »Greater chemistry - between people and planet.«
This story is an example of how Clariant delivers on its purpose-led strategy.

How sustainable developments in the oilfield are supporting current energy needs.

The challenge

Embracing advances in oil production is critical, with transportation and the production of numerous essential goods relying heavily on fossil fuels. As a result, introducing sustainable solutions within the oil and gas industry is crucial. In collaboration with some of the world’s largest energy companies, Clariant is monitoring regulatory changes and taking steps to ensure our solutions have the highest level of adherence to various regulatory requirements. Our R&D team continues to foster innovation and environmental responsibility by anticipating new regulations and to maintain Clariant’s position as a sustainability leader in the oilfield production chemical sector.

The need

How can we reduce CO2 emissions without interrupting day-to-day operations that are necessary to meet world energy demands? Clariant’s answer to this is the D3 PROGRAM which is comprised of three key pillars:

Decarb means utilizing nanotechnology and ingredients from renewable sources to reduce carbon emissions.

Densify stands for facilitating logistics and furthering sustainability initiatives through new applications with concentrated products.

Detox incorporates formulations with more environmentally acceptable raw materials.

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»An important element behind the success of this program is the collaboration with our customers, who are meeting world energy demands while not losing sight of their sustainability efforts.«

Antonio Pedro de Oliveira Filho, Global Head Sustainable Innovation in Oil Services

The solution

Our D3 PROGRAM has a whole range of innovative solutions along the value chain of the oil and gas industry. One of them is our demulsifier PHASETREAT™ WET. Developed in partnership with the world’s leading energy companies, PHASETREAT WET separates oil and water more efficiently with 70% less active material and exemplifies our innovative approach to business and the environment. Our latest formulations, together with our novel delivery system, have a significant impact on sustainable onshore and offshore operations. One major benefit of our sustainable demulsification process is the removal of organic solvents like naphtha and toluene, which reduces carbon emissions and has a direct impact on Scope 3 emissions. By embracing more sustainable solutions in oil and gas, we can responsibly minimize the industry’s environmental impact and support a better balance between today’s energy needs and ecological preservation.

What makes this chemistry greater?

Clariant_Icon_Chemical Deliveries_Transportation_Lorry_06-10-2020

Reduced logistics

Clariant_Icon_Fewer Herbicides_Reagenglass_06-10-2020

Lower dosage

Clariant Icon 4000 part 2 20221214

More environmentally acceptable formulations

Clariant_Icon_Harmeless to Use_Safe Use_People_Person_06-10-2020

Improved operational safety

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