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Greater chemistry in action: A new formula and more of what matters to us

We relaunched our corporate blog with improved navigation and different formats to showcase how Clariant delivers on its purpose. Find out what is new and what to expect.
Regular readers will notice that Clariant's corporate blog has a new name: What was once called »The Moleculist« is now titled »Greater chemistry in action«. We also made changes to the layout. Plus, we are introducing new tagged navigation and new categories and formats. But why is Clariant tweaking its formula? And what can readers expect?

When our blog »The Moleculist« first launched in 2020, we set out to tell the exciting stories behind innovation, research, and development at Clariant. Since then, we have published more than 60 blog posts covering a wide range of products, people, and projects from around the world. Whether it was fire-safe materials for upcoming Mars missions or ethically sourced plant extracts from deep within the Amazon rainforest – our writers were there to tell the story.

Exciting discussions

However, innovation is paramount to Clariant as a company. Constantly improving and finding better solutions is what we do. And Clariant's blog should reflect this. So, over the past months, we have been busy adding new formats and exciting new content. Most notably, we started our very own podcast called »Sustainability Shift«, in which Clariant specialists discuss sustainability issues with experts from other companies and organizations. We are only four episodes in and have already witnessed exciting discussions on topics ranging from living wages to sustainable aviation fuels (SAF).

Our aim was always to show the people behind the work at Clariant. Going forward, we want to do this even more. That is why we introduced our ongoing Real people of Clariant series to the blog to learn more, not just about the daily work of Clariant innovators but also their lives, hopes, and ambitions. We also introduced a new »history« category for innovation stories from former Clariant business units and operations that have since been discontinued, sold, or spun off. Rather than taking them down, we believe these articles are still worth reading because they form part of Clariant's journey and its creative DNA.

Discovering more

With our library of stories growing and our range of formats expanding, we understand there is a need to better help our audience discover the stories that are most relevant to them. So, we introduced keywords or tags that help guide users towards the topics and formats they are most interested in. Looking for content from the world of electronics or healthcare? Interested in podcasts or our purpose-led strategy? There are now tags for that to help you navigate the blog!

Finally, we changed the name of Clariant's corporate blog to »Greater chemistry in action«. This new title more fully reflects Clariant's purpose as a company and our broader ambition with this blog. In 2021, Clariant defined its purpose in creating »Greater chemistry – between people and planet«:
We are shaping the future with our customers.
Together with our customers, we collaborate for meaningful impact.
We are accelerating innovation.
Our innovative chemistry expands what is possible to the benefit of all.
We are leading the transition towards sustainability.
Our capabilities position our customers and us at the forefront of a sustainable world.
We are building a culture of possibilities.
Our shared passion, engaging and inclusive environment empower everyone to achieve greater outcomes.
This all encompasses a lot more than molecules and chemistry. And Clariant’s corporate blog aims to show how Clariant delivers on this purpose. We will be there to tell the stories of the projects, products, and people behind it. Join us in discovering »Greater chemistry in action«!

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