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Delivering performance. Saving Resources.

The Catalysts business unit of Clariant is a leading global and independent manufacturer of high-performance catalysts for use in the chemicals, plastics, and oil and gas industries.

Our long history of innovation and expertise in catalysis builds on the capabilities of our predecessor company, Süd-Chemie.

We offer an extensive portfolio of catalyst solutions, built on innovation and partnerships for a variety of applications, including petrochemical and fuel refining catalysts, synthesis gas catalysts, chemical catalysts, emission control catalysts, and zeolites materials for a variety of applications. We also collaborate with customers to develop customized catalyst solutions for specific requirements.

Clariant’s innovative catalysts and adsorbents deliver significant and sustainable customer value by driving higher production through put lowering energy consumption, and reducing hazardous emissions from industrial processes and combustion engines.

Our catalysts and technologies also enable the use of alternative feedstock, such as natural gas, coal, and biomass as raw materials for chemical and fuel production. In doing so, Clariant Catalysts addresses the global challenges of raw material scarcity, energy efficiency, and responsible care for the environment.

Our contribution to energy transition and circular economy

Plastic Recycling
Catalysts and adsorbents for pyrolysis oil purification
Learn more about our dual concept of complementary catalysts and adsorbents that play a crucial role in optimizing product yields and energy efficiency by removing contaminants and improving pyrolysis oil quality.
Blue hydrogen
Exceptional catalysts for efficient blue hydrogen production
Learn more about our high-performance catalysts for cost-efficient blue hydrogen production via all these methods.
Hydrogen distribution
Revolutionary catalysts for the energy transition
Learn more about our highly specialized catalysts for energy storage and transport via LOHCs or ammonia.
Carbon capture and utilization
Crossing out emissions with Power-to-X catalysts
We develop innovative catalysts for CO₂ conversion in Power-to-X applications.
Feed purification
Advanced catalysts for any impurity in any feed
We provide optimized catalysts and adsorbents for cost-effective purification of all feed streams, impurities, and plant designs.


Innovations and Services



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Catalysts News and Events


noviembre 30, 2022
Clariant's NiSat® 310 catalyst adds polishing touch to Evonik-tkIS HPPO process at propylene oxide plant in China
noviembre 30, 2022
Clariant Catalysts has teamed up with Evonik and thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (tkIS) in a major propylene oxide project for one of China’s largest rubber producers. Qixiang Tengda is one of the leading global producers of carbon-four chemical products, such as methyl ethyl ketone and maleic anhydride. Expanding into the carbon-three value chain, the company’s new propylene oxide plant in Zibo city, Shandong province, relies on Evonik-tkIS HPPO technology to convert propylene in the presence of hydrogen peroxide (HP) directly into propylene oxide (PO). The plant will have an annual production capacity of 300,000 tons. más
octubre 20, 2022
Clariant lanza herramienta que mide la huella de carbono de productos a fin de acelerar la reducción de emisiones
octubre 20, 2022
El cambio climático es el mayor desafío de nuestra era, y la transparencia en relación a las emisiones de carbono nunca fue tan importante. Hoy, Clariant alcanzó un éxito más en su recorrido de sustentabilidad al lanzar «CliMate», su herramienta de cálculo de la huella de carbono de productos (PCF, por su sigla en inglés). más
octubre 20, 2022
Clariant lanza portafolio para la refinación del aceite de pirólisis generado por residuos plásticos mezclados
octubre 20, 2022
Impulsada por su visión de promover la economía circular, Clariant lanza un portafolio innovador de soluciones flexibles y personalizadas para el reciente mercado de reciclaje químico de plásticos. más


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