Industrial Offgas Purification

Catalysts for Oxidation and Reduction Applications


Industrial exhaust gas typically contains a variety of organic compounds, such as chemical by-products, solvents or malodorous compounds. These volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Carbon Monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (HC) are emitted by many industrial processes.

These processes include:

Depending upon local, regional or global regulations these compounds need to be eliminated. Some applications also require a decomposition of nitrogen compounds such as NOx, N2O and NH3.

In most cases, catalytic incineration offers the ideal solution as it is both highly effective and cost efficient. Compared to other technologies such as thermal oxidation, catalytic oxidation reactions take place at a lower temperature. This means less stress on equipment and reduced operating costs, which can provide significant economic benefit for operators.

The EnviCat product line from Clariant provides a full range of standard and customized catalysts in both spherical and honeycomb forms, with precious metals or base metals as active components. Our flexibility in manufacturing allows us to customize the catalyst according to the specific demands of each application and equipment design.

Iodine Absorption in Nuclear Power Plants

For the removal of radioactive iodine in nuclear power plants and reprocessing plants there is a series of adsorber systems available, proven over decades. These are based on silver or potassium iodide, supported by acid resistant carriers.

Products include AC 6120 and DSM 11



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