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    • Safety


      We at Clariant Oil Services believe that all accidents are avoidable and strive to cause no harm to people, the environment or the communities in which we operate. Senior management is committed to achieving the highest possible standards of health, safety and environmental protection throughout all functions within our organization.


      Clariant Oil Services operates both global and business orientated documented management systems to manage all aspects of our health, safety and environmental affairs. These systems adhere to respected worldwide standards such as EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and comply with Clariant’s Corporate Guidelines, national legislation and local business practices.

      We continually improve our performance by measuring, monitoring and reviewing our environmental, safety and health activities.

      Clariant Oil Services employs only trained and competent personnel. All roles have their health, safety and environmental competency requirements identified and each employee has a documented training plan.

      We only use sub-contractors who have suitable and sufficient HSE capabilities which comply with our standards. As a minimum, these include safe working practices for the tasks they are required to perform and that those performing the task have received sufficient training to be deemed competent.

      The systematic analysis of risk and workplace hazards is a prerequisite for our business processes. Appropriate measures are taken to manage, minimize or eliminate, and communicate the risks. Regular inspections and audits support this process.

      Product Safety

      We assess our products for compliance with health, safety and environmental legislation before they are placed on the market. The assessment considers all stages in the supply chain, including:

      • raw material procurement
      • manufacturing
      • transport
      • use
      • disposal considerations

      Information on any hazardous properties for our products, as well as safe handling advice, is contained within material safety data sheets (MSDS) and product labels. Our MSDSs comply with the legislative requirements for the markets in which they are placed.

      Clariant Oil Services & REACH

      Clariant Oil Services can confirm that all REACH relevant phase-in-substances manufactured by Clariant in the European Union, or imported by means of a Clariant Legal Entity in the EU, were pre-registered before the deadline. Accordingly, at this stage we can confirm that all our products marketed in Europe are in full compliance with REACH requirements.

      Environmental Research Center

      At Clariant Oil Services, we recognize our responsibility to protect the earth’s environment and understand that our long-term future depends on meeting and surpassing environmental challenges. Our in-house, GLP-compliant environmental laboratory, together with our research and development groups, are committed to ensuring that there is a ready supply of cost-effective green products and technologies that meet the needs of our clients.

    • Products

      • BIOTREAT

        Clariant Oil Services’ BIOTREAT bacteria control technologies prevent microbiological-induced corrosion, system biomass fouling, process plugging and reservoir and process H 2 S production, as well as controls iron sulfide deposition. more

      • CORRTREAT®

        Clariant Oil Services’ CORRTREAT corrosion inhibitors were designed to prevent and reduce corrosion. more

      • DEXICOM®

        Clariant Oil Services provides a range of high performance, environmentally-acceptable products for plant cleaning and the removal of toxic gases associated with decommissioning and mothballing. more

      • DISSOLVAN®

        Clariant Oil Services’ DISSOLVAN demulsifier base chemistry technology has been used in finished demulsifier products to successfully separate the world’s oil from water for more than 50 years—from the lightest sweet crudes to the heaviest sour crudes, from Alaska to the Far East—and in compliance with some of the most stringent environmental regulations. more

      • FLOCTREAT®

        Clariant Oil Services’ FLOCTREAT water clarification technologies were designed to remove contaminants of residual oil and solids in produced water, while meeting regulatory requirements. more

      • FLOTREAT

        Clariant Oil Services’ FLOTREAT range of downhole treatments removes and prevents asphaltene deposits and resolves emulsions that have formed in the near-wellbore. more


        Clariant Oil Services’ line of defoamers and anti-foam technologies provides foam management products for both oil- and aqueous-based fluids. more


        Clariant Oil Services’ HOSTADRILL technologies are HT/HP fluid loss additives for drilling applications that improve operations and achieve optimum results. more

      • HOSTAMER®

        Clariant Oil Services’ HOSTAMER technologies are HT/HP fluid loss additives for cementing applications. more

      • HYTREAT®

        Clariant Oil Services’ HYTREAT hydrate management and control technologies are designed to provide hydrate control for the most severe conditions of sub-cooling. more

      • ICETREAT

        Clariant Oil Services’ ICETREAT flow assurance technologies offer specially-formulated solutions that prevent blockages formed by water and hydrates in gas wells and gas flow lines. more

      • LIBERATE®

        Clariant Oil Services’ LIBERATE near wellbore remediation technology is an integrated system of solutions that focuses on damage removal in the wellbore region that negatively affects the normal oil production curve. more


        Clariant Oil Services’ PHASETREAT demulsifier technology has successfully separated the world’s oil from water for more than 50 years—from the lightest sweet crudes to the heaviest sour crudes, from Alaska to the Far East—and in compliance with some of the most stringent environmental regulations. For more details see our Innovation Spotlight video . more

      • PRESERVAN®

        Clariant Oil Services’ PRESERVAN line of hydrotest technologies delivers exemplary performance in a variety of easy-to-use, flexible options to meet all of your pipeline and process preservation needs. more

      • RELTREAT

        RELTREAT technology was developed to create a unique, environmentally friendly, and relatively permeable modification system for offshore use. Clariant Oil Services developed this polymer chemistry, which is co-deployed with a crosslinker via a bullhead treatment. The polymer attaches first to the water-wet rock surface, and the reversible gel builds up from the rock surface into the water layers. The versatile chemical system allows for the simple deployment of a vast array of reservoir environments from 10mD to 20D at temperatures between 30°C to 140°C. Treatment packages are specifically designed and tailored to suit the application depending on well requirements. RELTREAT can be used in sandstone and carbonate formations, being suitable for use in both oil and gas reservoirs. The RELTREAT technology consists of a polymer and a crosslinker which are co-deployed in a single stage treatment into the reservoir rock. During shut in, the polymer and crosslinker react together to form a flexible, open hydrated polymer network that bridges across the pore spaces. Unlike cement or stiff gel, the polymer network does not prevent fluid flow through the pores. Where there is water production, the interaction of the water molecules with the polymer network causes resistance to flow, reducing the permeability of the formation to water. In oil and gas producing zones, the pressure gradient pushes the hydrocarbons into the network displacing water and causing it to dehydrate and collapse. The dehydrated network remains in the formation but provides minimal resistance to oil or gas flow. In the event of subsequent water production, the system is capable of rehydrating and providing resistance. The overall effect of the treatment on a well is, therefore, to reduce produced water while increasing oil and gas production significantly. The RELTREAT technology has been deployed globally with 54 jobs in Colombia, 28 jobs in the US onshore, three treatments GOM offshore and 37 treatments offshore the North Sea. Demonstrating several benefits such as a water retardant, oil enhancer by increasing effective permeability in the near wellbore area, use in injector wells to improve reservoir sweep, sand control, maintain reservoir support, enhance drawdown and also to increase scale squeeze lifetime. The RELTREAT system consists of a polymer and a crosslinker which are co-deployed in a single stage treatment into the reservoir rock. An easy to deploy, low-risk treatment. None of the treatments failed, and even water reduction is the primary target of such relative permeability modifier applications in more than 95% of the treatments the oil production increased significantly up to 60% in selected cases over the lifetime of the treatment which varied from 3-12 months. Economic payback time ranged from 4 days to 1 month of the treatments. Overall a low risk, easy to deploy cost-effective method to boost oil recovery rates of producer wells. more


        The growing scarcity, and rising cost, of freshwater, has challenged the oil industry to find new, innovative, chemical solutions to control halite buildup. Clariant Oil Services developed the SCALETREAT HL product line to address this evolving industry challenge. Application of SCALETREAT HL reduces freshwater consumption between 74% and 95%. Our product also eliminates the need for a supplemental scale inhibitor as it is effective against halite and many types of carbonate and sulfate levels. Additionally, treatment rates of SCALETREAT HL are 50% less than those of traditional halite inhibitors. The most common strategy to control halite is fresh water addition upstream of deposition to dilute the problem. While chemical inhibitors for halite control have existed for some years, they usually required high concentrations of environmentally undesirable products. New production in the US, such as in the Bakken and the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, has resulted in more production of saline fluids. The Bakken region has already had a profound impact. Application of SCALETREAT HL at 80ppm was able to reduce water consumption to 10% of that of the incumbent strategy with a return of investment of nearly 1,000%. more


        SCAVINATOR, a water-soluble scavenger that removes sulfides from gases and liquids, was developed to control hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Unlike triazine, SCAVINATOR has minimal pH impact, which reduces associated mineral scaling. What separates SCAVINATOR is the speed at which it scavenges H2S, and its ability to control solid reaction products post-scavenging. Our non-triazine scavenger contains a patented catalyst component which yields kinetics equivalent to triazine. Although buildup is inevitable while using scavenger chemistry, SCAVINATOR contains a solids-suppressant which prevents buildup without effecting scavenger efficiency. SCAVINATOR’s performance is field proven and has begun several extended trials and applications conducted with large producers in the Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas by both direct injection and contact tower applications. On average, the contact tower applications loading capacity of triazine is 0.75 lbs. of H2S per gallon of product. SCAVINATOR has provided on average 0.85 lbs. of H2S per gallon, an almost 15% increase. Furthermore, it is often common to observe a less than theoretical loading capacity in contact tower applications because of operational challenges associated with highly-loaded scavenger. During the continuous injection applications, SCAVINATOR achieved an astounding 1.25 lbs. of H2S per gallon, which is identical to the theoretical loading, which shows the efficacy of solids control within SCAVINATOR. This technology is suited for gas and multiphase H2S scavenging. While the field trials were successful, the safety benefits of SCAVINATOR are also exceptional. The lack of solid deposition encountered with this new chemistry allows for more sustainable operations with less downtime required to address the detrimental effects of mineral scaling. The increased gas breakthrough times, loading capacity, and efficiency of SCAVINATOR also showcase the commercial, technical, safety, and environmental benefits provided by this chemistry. The introduction of SCAVINATOR to the industry is revolutionizing H2S scavenging and providing a more cost-effective, higher performing, trouble-free alternative to triazine scavengers. more

      • SCAVTREAT®

        Clariant Oil Services’ SCAVTREAT scavengers are used to control hydrogen sulfide, iron sulfide, sulfide scale and oxygen. Looking for an alternative to triazine? Learn more about our SCAVINATOR ™ Non-Triazine H 2 S Scavenger,  click here more

      • SURFTREAT®

        Clariant Oil Services’SURFTREAT range of technologies comprises product functionalities such as cleaning, detergency, wettability modification and other general surfactant type applications. more

      • WAXTREAT

        Clariant Oil Services’ WAXTREAT paraffin control technologies were designed to prevent and treat paraffin build-up in order to improve flow and increase production. more

      • WellBoost™

        Clariant Oil Services’ WellBoost chemical foamer technologies for gas well deliquification are custom-designed, cost- effective solutions that help maximize gas production and increase profits. more

      • VERITRAX™

        Clariant Oil Services’ VERITRAX is a fully integrated chemical delivery and data management system developed to help oil and gas operators obtain more frequent and accurate information about their chemical usage, product spend and tank levels, allowing for increased operating efficiency, enhanced customer service, and improved budgeting procedures. more

    • Clariant Oil Services

      2750 Technology Forest Blvd.
      The Woodlands, TX 77381

      Clariant Oil Services is a world leader in the development, manufacture, application and supply of specialty chemicals and services to the oil and gas industry. We strive to deliver the highest quality technology and service solutions to our customers. Our commitment to ongoing innovation and development for our product and service portfolios allows us to meet our customer needs, today and tomorrow.

      Our state-of-the-art Research and Development and applications laboratories in the United States, Scotland, Germany, Brazil and Indonesia, as well as an environmental testing laboratory in Norway, is supported by a dedicated global technical services network. This provides a unique position from which to address and resolve customer challenges anywhere in the world.

      Custom Chemical Products & Services

      Clariant Oil Services offers custom chemical products and services designed to deliver the highest value at every stage of the oil and gas lifecycle. Focused on the needs of the customer, our industry-leading experts develop and apply solutions that are an optimal fit for your operations, wherever that may be.

      From deepwater exploration to onshore production, from pipeline transportation to the refinery, Clariant Oil Services assures innovation and value are delivered. We also continually strive to develop and deliver the most economical solutions, while our commitment to high standards for Health, Safety and the Environment remain unwavering.

      Global Reach, Local Focus

      Clariant Oil Services has a significant and rapidly expanding presence in the international oil and gas market. We serve customers across the spectrum, from International, National and Independent oil companies, together with major contractors and service companies.

      Clariant Oil Services’ world headquarters is located in Houston, Texas. We have invested, and continue to invest, in both operational and technological supported facilities around the globe. This global reach with local presence is designed to provide a rapid response time to meet your needs, coupled with more focused dialogue, expert support and better overall results.

      Wherever your operations are located, we understand the uniqueness and will operate and implement your custom chemical program with the utmost respect to the workforce, community and environment. ​​​​

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