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Active ingredients

powered by nature

Our source of inspiration

Sourcing from specific environments


Some environments are so specific that plants were forced to adapt and develop biological functions that can't be found elsewhere. This is the case for plants growing in volcanic areas, marine and coastal environments, primary forests... Clariant Actives and Natural Origins takes inspiration from these ecosystems to responsibly source active ingredients:

  • the Camellia japonica and Citrus unshiu from Jeju Island are used to make RedSnow, DongBaek Oil, and Eosidin
  • the bark of the candeia tree from the Cerrado region in Brazil is used to make Alpha-Melight
  • the seaweeds Laminaria japonica are used to make Epseama

Inspiration from traditional medicine


Traditional medicine had the knowledge for centuries that some plants are active and can help cure diseases. This empiric knowledge is used by Clariant Actives and Natural Origins to pre-select plant with active compounds that will be beneficial for skin cares and hair cares. These plant extract are then qualified through extensive R&D analysis.

  • Inspiration from Chinese and Korean traditional medicine: Centella asiatica is included in active ingredients such as MultiEx BSASM
  • Inspiration from Indian traditional medicine (ayurvedic): Andrographis paniculata is used to make LotuStem

Sourcing with advanced technological processes

Roots from plants

Advances in technology allows exploration of new sources of active molecules from stem cells or plant roots.

  • Stem cells are multipotent cells full of epigenetic factors and metabolites. With a small quantity of plants, it is possible to obtain a sustainable and renewable source of raw material. They also show a high level of biocompatibility with skin cells. Plant stem cells are used to make EquiScalp.
  • Plant roots are generally difficult to explore, as using them meant uprooting the plant, which was not a sustainable process. Thanks to the Plant Milking technology, that allows to grow plants in aeroponic conditions, roots are directly accessible and can be harvested several times a year without compromising the plant's lifecycle. This technology has been used to create Rootness Energize and Prenylium.

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